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2021-09-07 12:48:18
Compare WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger vs Viber vs Imo vs zoom
WhatsAppFacebook MessengerViberImozoom
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WindowsYesYes Desktop, Win 10, Win Phone 8Yes
Mac OSYesYes Mac/OSXYes
LinuxNoYes Ubuntu, Fedora
Like 2 0 3 0 0
Video callYesYes
Android SupportYes
Vote 3 0 0 0 0
Mac OSYesYesYes
Free versionYes
SMS DeliveryYesYesYes Yes
Desktop WindowsNoYes + Win8 App
Video Group callingYes 4
Private group chatsYes
Instant MessagingYes
IM Style ChatYesYesYes Yes
Phone Contact IntegrationYesYesYes Automatic
FB Contact IntegrationNoNoYes Yes
Other Contact IntegrationNo, address book only
Status SettingYesNo
Invite FriendsNo need to send sms from cellularYes
Status feedNoNo
Custom Chat AreaYes Background/ Font/ SoundYes Background/ Font/ Sound
Photo based contactYesNoYes Where available
Reliability3.5 2 ratings0 no rating4.3 3 ratings0 no rating0 no rating
Make phone callsYes 0.99 USD/yearYes Based on subscription plansYes Free
Make video callsNoYesYes Yes
Free phone callsYesYes
Group callsNoNoYes Yes
Group ChatYes max 100 usersYes max 15 usersYes Unlimited
Share photoYesYesYes Yes
Share videoYesYesYes Yes
LanguagesMultiple languagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch
Blackberry OSYesYes- text only
Worldwide User800 million600 million200 million
Payment methodsYes freeNo Calling others through phone providerYes Free
File transferNo- only some file formatsYes Yes
Voice Chat / VoIPYes
Windows MobileNoYes
IOSYesYesYes Yes
Caller IDNoYes
Share contactYes
Share voice messageYesNoYes Yes
Web ClientNoNo
Without phone numberNoYesYes Phone number required
Email + PasswordNoYesNoYes No
Share account on multiple devicesNoYesYes Yes
Speech to textYes Not for WindowsYes Not for Windows
Location/ CompanyUSA/ FacebookUSA/ FacebookJapan
Chat - IMYesYesYes
Contact Integration - PhoneYesYesYes
Contact Integration - FBNoYesNo
Contact Integration - Other- Address Book Only
Invite FriendsNo Need to send sms from cellularYesYes
Photo Based ContactYesYes
File TransferYes
Status FeedNoNo
Status SettingYesNo
Payment MethodesYes Inn App, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, MaestroYes Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Ukash, Skrill, Maestro
Sketch / AnnotateYes Not for WindowsYes Not for Windows
ImagesYes Gallery/ Snap & ShareYesYes Gallery/ Snap & Share
Voice MessageYesYes
SMS/ MMS DeliveryYesYes
Without Phone NumberNoYes
Share Account On Multiple DevicesNoYes
Windows DesktopNoYes + Win8 AppYes + Win8 App - limited options
Windows Mobile- Limited OptionsYes- Limited Options
Activate using FacebookNoYes
Windows phoneYes
Windows PhoneYesYes
Nokia S40YesNo
Android Installations500000000100000000
Main Functionto send a message to your contacts in without any charges alternative way from contact people by using phone messagingto send text, stickers and emoticons, photos, voice and video messages for free to other Viber users.Message and video chat with your friends and family for free, no matter what device they are on!
Fecha de lanzamientomayo 2009
DATAS CONSOMMES émetteur de l'appel; source : (WiFi) 616 Ko (281 Ko envoyés, 335 reçus)

WhatsApp (3G) 541 Ko (280 Ko envoyés, 261 Ko reçus)
DATAS consommés récepteur de l'appel (données valent pour une minute d’appel )WhatsApp (WiFi) 617 Ko (341 Ko envoyés, 276 Ko reçus)

WhatsApp (3G) 539 Ko (263 Ko envoyés, 276 Ko reçus)
Services de messagerie instantanée évalués
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Application par défaut du chiffrement de bout en bout?
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  • Compare WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger vs Viber vs Imo vs zoom
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