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2021-03-26 09:20:47
Compare Survio vs SurveyMonkey
Last update2021-03-26 09:20:472021-03-26 09:20:47
Built-in professional survey templatesYes
Copy (clone) surveyYes
Single question / multiple questions per pageYes
Randomize questions order (mixing)Yes
Automatic question numberingYes
Show / hide survey progress barYes
Social media sharing pluginYes
Make questions requiredYes
Custom texts between questionsYes
Test mode & survey previewYes
Export blank survey to PDF (print)Yes
Survey logic (question jumps and skips) Themes & BrandingYes in paid version
modern pre-built survey designsYes
Multimedia in questions (image, video)Yes
Editable survey buttonsYes
Survey dashboard statisticsYes
Instant aggregated resultsYes
Real-time charts & graphs (pie, bar, column, stacked)Yes
Single click graph printingYes
Analysis of individual responsesYes
View individual responses in your surveyYes
Toggle individual responses (on / off)Yes
Filtering & segmentation by answers / source / dateYes
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