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Comparatif des plates-formes de curation

Outils permettant de sélectionner manuellement des contenus en ligne, de les éditorialiser et de les partager.

Ce comparatif fait partie d'un article sur les outils de curation, Le Guide de la Curation. Pour plus d'explications sur les produits et les critères :

Ce comparatif est associé à celui des outils de publication automatique, qui font de la sélection automatique de contenu :

Le tableau est librement modifiable, vous pouvez le mettre à jour vous-même et noter vos outils préférés.
SourcesVideoPositioningBookmarkletAuto selectionEditOutputExport dataCollaborationAnalyticsMobile appSocial networkPricingOriginWebsiteNotesOverall rating
AbracadacraftTwitter, Facebook, Blogs, Liens, Vidéos, RSSPlateforme de curation dans le domaine des loisirs créatifsYesNoYesSite, Facebook, Twitter, RSSYes Widget embarquableNoNoNoYes Facebook, TwitterGratuitFrance no rating
AmplifyLinks, email, Google Reader for conversationsYesNoYesTopic page, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Posterous, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Flickr,, Plurk, FriendFeed, Diigo, Delicious, Clipmarks, bit.lyYes RSSNoYesYes Bookmarklet on iPhone, iPad, AndroidYesFreeUSA no rating
BagTheWebLinks, TwitterPersonal curation plateformYesNoNoWeb page, embedNoYesYesFreeUSA no rating
BitlrLinks, images, videos, files, RSSMicroblogging networkYesNoYesTopic page, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, DeliciousYesYesFreeSouth Africa4.0 1 rating
ChripstoryTwitterPublish Stories (tweets)YesNoYesTopic page, TwitterNoYesFreeUSAhttp://chirpstory.com0 no rating
CIThreadRSS, OPML, persistent search, bookmarkletCommunities curation for publishersYesYesYesTopic website, web page, RSS, PHP, APIYesYesUSA no rating
ClipixImages, vidéos de curation personnelleYesNoYesPage publique ou privéeYesYes iPhone, AndroidYesGratuitUSAhttp://www.clipix.com0 no rating
ConnectNWebsites, blogsSaaS social content managementYesYesYesNewsletters, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blog, RSSNoYesYesCanada no rating
CurataRSS; Twitter; Google+; any site across the Internet that offers text, video or imagesCurata is the leading provider of business grade, content curation software that enables marketers to curate the most relevant and highest quality content as part of a successful content marketing strategy. Since 2007, best-in-class marketers have relied on Curata's ease-to-use software to quickly find, curate, share and analyze content on specific issues or topics in order to establish thought leadership, own industry conversations and drive qualified web traffic.YesYesYesTopic site, web page, social media feeds, newsletters, blogs, email, mobile, etc.Yes Seamless integration to all popular CMSs (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) and APIsYes Some collaboration features availableYes Curation and content marketing operations analytics, as well as execution analytics.YesYesUSAhttp://www.curata.com5.0 1 rating
Curated.byTwitterTweets curationYesNoNoPublic page, embedNoNoUSA no rating
DashubFacebook,Twitter,Youtube,Linkedin/Slideshare,instagram,etc. permettant la curation de contenu; la veille d'information et la publicationYesYesYesHTML, RSS,Dropbox Peut etre lié à une page FacebookYes RSSYes au sein d'un même Dashub ou bien en partageant des dossiers avec un/des autres utilisateursYes peut inclure google analyticsNoYesGratuitBelge mais l'équipe a émigré en Grande-Bretagne et en Espagnehttps://www.dashub.info0 no rating
Elink.iovideos, articles, rich media, Google Docs, Dropbox files, podcasts, etc.) by simply adding links and converts them into visual content. are just some of elink’s key features: * Create and send curated newsletters via MailChimp, Gmail or your preferred provider. * Collect web content on any topic and turn it into a beautiful responsive web page to share with anyone. * Embed curated content on your website that can be updated in real-time. * Curate various types of web content: videos, articles, rich media, Google Docs, Dropbox files, podcasts, affiliate links, etc.) * Quickly add links via an unlimited number of RSS feeds. * Fully responsive templates that have been tested on over 60 devices and email clients. * Chrome Extension to save web content and create elinks on the go. * Real-time editing and updates for any content piece you create. * Full responsive web app that works on all devices (desktop, tablet & mobile.FreeUSA 1 rating
EliumRSS, sites, emails, documents, contacts, images, files, videos, events base and social network for businessYesNoYesMosaic (wikis), search engine, mini-sites, RSSYes XMLYesYesYes iPad with off-line syncYesfrom 35 € / month ; on average 2000 € / monthBelgiumhttps://elium.com3.3 3 ratings
FactivaNewspapers, magazines, TV and radio transcripts, photos, newsSet of real-time content integration tools for companies (finance, media, research ...)YesYesYesNewsletter, widget, RSS, XML, APIYes XMLUSA,500 sources from 200 countries in 25 languages0 no rating
FancyLinks, emailDiscover and share items, stores, brandsYesNoNoTopic pagesNoYesYesFreeUSA no rating
favablehttp://favable.com0 no rating
Faveeocollecte par analyse de liens publiés sur Twitter, avec 5 comptes de références crédibles pour assurer un filtrage pertinent.Massive information republishing, using 5 twitter "experts" the domain we want to filter, to pikup all article they are "twitting", and redesign content preview to a web page, with simplified human curation in behind.YesYesweb page, others? Sharing button with Social, Evernote, ...YesYesYes twitterhttp://www.faveeo.com0 no rating
Kurat.comNews sites, blogs, RSS, Twitter, linksContent marketingYesYesYes Heading onlyTopic page, Web page, RSS, Twitter, FacebookNoYesNoNoNoFreehttp://www.kurat.com5.0 1 rating
KweeperTexts, links, images, videos, audio, Twitter, email, references (bookmarking, share)YesNoYesPublic page, TwitterYes RSSYesYesYesFreeFrance possible on mobile via email5.0 7 ratings
LinkedIn TodayLinkedIn news page, email, iPhone appYes iPhoneYesUSA no rating
LiveBindersLinks, text, images, videos audio, uploaded documents knowledge sharing place, your 3-ring binder for the web. Education, business, funYesYes From GoogleYesPublic page, private page, twitter, facebook, plurkNoYesYesYesFree up to 100MB uploadUSAhttp://www.livebinders.comGreat library of education resources5.0 1 rating
WaywireYouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, 5Min, Grab Networks, IVA - Movies and TV, IVA - Music,, Vimeo, Viddler, Veoh, Hulu, ClipSyndicate, Howcast, MTV, Redlasso, eHow, FoxNews, MSNBCCuration tool for real-time videoYesYes Automatic Video Discovery ToolYesTopic page, embed and widget video, Twitter, Wordpress and MoveableType plugin, RSS, APIYes RSS, APIYesYesYesFree, pro and enterprise versionsUSA hosting, ads platform5.0 1 rating
SpredfastTwitterEnterprise social curation for real-time engagementYesNoYesEmbed, Facebook, Twitter, mobile site, mobile apps, social TV, jumbotronYes JSON API, XML API, RSSYesYesUSA no rating
MinilogsTout type de liens, contenu provenant du web. Vidéos, Images, Articles... Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Wikipedia Bookmarking et Playlists - public, privé et collaborationYesYes Possibilité d'éditer chaque liste et chaque lienListe de lien, Playlists Vidéos, Images, Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, DailymotionYes Possibilité de créer des listes de liens collaborativesYes BientôtYes Connexion possible avec Facebook et TwitterGratuitFrancehttp://minilogs.comBêta Publique lancé le 12 Juin 20135.0 1 rating
MyCuratorRSS, OPML, Google Alerts, Twitter search, Google News SearchContent Curation Platform for WordPressYesYes AI based feed reader works in the background, and you can train it to discover new and interesting contentYes Can edit all articles found and create curated posts, with full text and images of the article right inside WordPress editorWordPress blog postsYesYesYesNoNoFree, Pro ($10 month), Business ($20 month)USA no rating
MySyndicaatRSS, OPMLYesYesYesRSS, Javascript, PHP, HTMLYesNoUSA no rating
OhthatsyouLinks, blogs, videos, Images, Text, WebCollaborative content curation, creation and storytelling platformYesYesYesBlogs, Twitter, facebook, Pinterest, EmbedYesYesYesYesUSABeta, By invitation0 no rating
OneSpotRSS, TwitterYesYesYesTopic pageNoYesUSA no rating
PearltreesLiens, Twitter, ImagesCollaborative Web Organization/Social CurationYesNo- Très limitéeOrganized pages, path, embed, twitter, facebookYes RDFYes Faire équipeYesYes iPhone, iPad, AndroidYesFreeFrance (and largest) social curation community4.0 4 ratings
PinterestImages, vidéos sous forme de vignettes visuelles.YesNoYesPublic pageNoYesNoYes iPhone, iPad, AndroidYesFreeUSA no rating
PublishThisA pre-indexed library of over 300,000 of the best online sources providing articles, news, blog posts, videos, Twitter updates, and images, CMS and newsletter focus.Yes Ability to publish directly or to a shared list; a great tool for crowdsourcing contentYes Aggregation tools used with pre-index sourcesNo Add your own original commentary to your feed, annotate individual itemsPublish directly to your CMS, social, or email newsletter. Open API for any CMS system, social connector, RSS reader, and e-mail program.Yes WordPress plugin available, Drupal, Joomla, MailChimp, HootSuite, and other system solutions are available- Collaboration through shared proxy lists, annotatation and curation bookmarklet (Directly or publish to a shared list for review)YesYesYes Direct links to sharing and social platformsSilver, Gold, Platinum, CustomUSA 2 ratings
Quoralinks, video, images boards on one specific topic and questions/answers platform.Yes manualNoYesTopic pageNoYesNoNoYesFreeUSA no rating
Scoop.itFils RSS/Atom (dont import OPML), Twitter (compte, recherche, liste), Page Facebook, SlideShare (requêtes), YouTube, Flickr (abonnés et requêtes), 500px (abonné)Publication Platform by social curationYesNoYesFacebook, Twitter, RSS, widget web personalNoNo Sauf dans la version "Knowledge management"- Sólo en las versiones de pagoYes iOS, AndroidYesTiered: Free. Pro ($12.99US/Month), Business ($79US/Month)Francia (pero el equipo se traslado a EEUU) 1 rating
ScribbleliveFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Wikipedia, Getty Images, Reuters Pictures, Flickr, VK, flux RSS et toute source tierce avec un code iframe (Vimeo, Soundcloud, …). poursuivre l'expansion tout-en-un de content marketing collaborative basée sur des donnéesYesYes Oui - curation automatique de contenu, avec des differents niveaux de moderation a l’aide de filtres.Yesembed, micro-sites, API, Twitter, Facebook. LinkedinYes XML, Excel, Embed, Syndication sous license et .csv pour l’analytiqueYesYes Oui (Performance du contenu, partage, taux de conversion, profilage de l’audience, influence et indice de reputation)Yes Oui (Apple, Android)Yes facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram$2,500+/moCanadahttp://www.scribblelive.comScribblelive se concentre sur la totalite du cycle de vie du contenu: de la recherche d’influenceurs a la planification, la creation, l’interaction, la mesure et l’optimisation du contenu. L’ecosysteme peut etre achete en modules.0 no rating
ShortFormVideo, Facebook, YouTube, TwitterVideo CurationYesNoYesTopic page, widgetNoYesYesFreeUSA no rating
StorifyTwitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, GG, Google News, GGImg, RSS, links Curation tool for journalistsYesNoNoTopic page, embedYesUSA no rating
StoryfulTwitter, videos, images, text, embedYesNoYesPublic page, Topic page, Twitter, FacebookYesYesIrlande no rating
TexteurWeb mondial : blogs, presse en ligne, Linkedin, ...Curation de contenu multilingue - 10+ langues, 3 millions de sujets d'actualité. Licence de l'outil seule, ou prestation complète de gestion éditoriale déléguée (outil + pool de rédacteurs à la demande)YesYesYes Editorialisation complêteSite Web, page web, wordpress, réseaux sociauxYes Posts individuels et données structurées détaillées Schema.orgYesYes Analytics classique + analytics par sujet d'actualitéNoYesFrancehttp://texteur.comMultilingue5.0 1 rating
TrapitLinks, blogs, videos...Virtual personal assistant for the webYesYes algorithmic serendipity (AI)NoWeb personal, Twitter, FacebookNoNoNoNoNoEEUUhttp://trap.itin private beta0 no rating
Tweet LibraryTwitterYesNoNoYes Fichier texteNoUSA no rating
ScreenSpacesUploaded by Users (moderated): video, photos, text posts, audio. Uploaded by You: video, photos, text posts, audio posts, products, call-to-action links. From the Web: youtube, flickr, twitter, facebook, blogs it all together! A social publishing platform that puts the power of curation, community and complete brand control in your hands.Yes Can create links that automatically filter a particular wall onload.Yes Complete moderation or live feeds from youtube, flickr, twitter, facebook (or from specific accounts on each)Yes Post details, tags, default social share copy, and customize look & feelSyndicate the entire wall of content; or share the entire wall or individual posts via STF email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and all the AddThis optionsYes Export individual posts or RSS feed of select tagsNoYes- Full functionality of website embedded walls on mobile devices, but no mobile app versionYes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+Various tiers and premium features. Designed to bring unparalleled power and flexibility to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.USA no rating
yourversionLinks, blogs, Twitter, videos and share linksYesNoYesWeb page, Twitter, Facebook, email, widgetNoYes iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles and tabletsYesFreeUSA no rating
WakeletAny link from the web; articles, videos, podcasts, online documents, maps, images, PDF documents, Tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts...., organize and tell stories with content from around the webYes Add content within 2 clicks using the Browser Extension on Google Chrome, FireFox and Safari.Yes You can bulk add Tweets within Wakelet using the Twitter Search function - you can search by #hashtag or user.Yes You can customize your collection by adding a cover image, background image, title, description and layout of your collection. You can also customize each item you add by editing the image, Title and description of each itemShare directly via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google+ and Google Classroom. You can also embed your collection onto your website.Yes You can download a copy of your Wakelet information in a JSON format at any time.YesYes You can see how many views your collection has receivedYes iOS and AndroidYesFreeUK no rating
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  • Curation
  • Comparison of social bookmarking curation tools and services.
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  • Super article, très bien construit et bien expliqué, merci ! Je travaille dans le domaine du webmarketing et, depuis quelques temps, je teste un super outil de curation : Kurator - Curation de contenu Je le conseille à toutes les personnes cherchant à optimiser leur curation de contenu. Cet outil est le seul que j'ai pu trouver qui permet de sélectionner des articles, de les enrichir et de les partager sur son blog ainsi que sur ses réseaux sociaux, sans aucune perte de trafic.
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  • Super tableau comparatif relatif à la curation ! Mais comment faire pour s'inspirer, découvrir et finalement innover ? Ne reste-t-on pas enfermer dans ce qu'on connait et ce qu'on sait nommer en faisant de la curation ? Est-ce qu'on ne finit pas par tourner en rond avec la curation ?
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  • Missing Wiser (, used to be Delve News. Not bad, I think they algorithms from your tags to learn what you want. Sort of a intelligent push curation. But it's been a while since I used their product. Also missing Curah! ( a Microsoft product, free online. Basic, but does it simply. I think they'll use it to augment Office 365 Outlook (the Office Graph, Office Delve products). And last, missing RightIntel (, a PC & mobile tool like TrapIt. Haven't tried it yet,but planning to give it go.
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  • intuitif et simple d'utilisation. Fonctionne en vase clos car limité en terme de fonctionnalité de sélection/identification de contenu.
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  • I'm wondering how CurationSoft would compare in your list. I was searching for that when I happened upon this page.
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  • Awesome tool to save you bookmarks and create music playlists
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  • Equipes
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    Merci pour cette production
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  • Hi, would be great to have as a Service right here Best Marc, COO @Keeeb
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  • Added - check it out ... making the power of curated, moderated, multi-media social publishing available to businesses of all sizes!
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    Facile d'utilisation Excellent pour créer son univers de l'internet et le partager Pas assez connu
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    Excellent travail. Merci
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  • Merci à tous de faire vivre ce comparatif !
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  • Bonjour @Pauline, je viens de rajouter votre suggestion. Ce comparatif est collaboratif et évolue dans le temps. N'hésitez pas à y contribuer vous même en cliquant sur le bouton "ajouter" sous le tableau ou "+" en haut à gauche du tableau. Merci.
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