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2022-02-10 10:04:17
Compare Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox vs Internet Explorer vs Opera
Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxSafariOperaInternet Explorer
Overall rating5.0 8 ratings4.8 8 ratings4.0 1 rating4.7 3 ratings2.0 3 ratings
WindowsYes yesYes yesYes yesYes yesYes yes
Mac OSYes yesYes yesYes yesYes yesNo No
LinuxYes yesYes yesNo NoYes yesNo No
Latest version35.0.1916.153307.0.422.0.1471.7011.0.9
Release date2014-06-102014-06-102014-05-212014-06-182014-06-10
Cloud bookmark sync.Yes with a Google accountYes via pluginYes with a MobileMe accountYes with an Opera accountNo No
Session managementYes yesYes yesYes through history menuYes yesYes via plugin
Private browsingYes yesYes yesYes yesYes yesYes yes
Layout engineWebKitGeckoWebKitWebkit actually PrestoTrident
Javascript engineV8TraceMonkeyNitroCarakanChakra
Like 16 17 0 2 0
Download managerYes yesYes yesYes yesYes yesYes yes
Open sourceYesYesNoNoNo
Video Speed tests Speed tests
Full screen modeYes yesYes yesNo NoYes yesYes yes
Default UI height89 pixel113 pixel96 pixel118 pixel132 pixel
Minimal UI height59 pixel102 pixel80 pixel83 pixel114 pixel
Tabs on the sideYes yesYes Via PluginsNo NoYes yesNo No
Market share (2011/03)14.6 %28.6 %6.31 %2.6 %43.2 %
  • 2011-02-26 15:39:06
    2022-02-10 10:04:17
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