New Year's resolutions

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2011-01-04 01:09:43
Most popular resolutions to take for the year to come
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Enjoy Family moreDo more frequently family gatherings to tighten relations. Listen more to your relatives. 0
Get fitPractice a sport, or do some exercise to keep in shape and improve your health. 0
Stop smokingQuit cigarettes for a healthier life. 0
Be more ecofriendlyTake actions to save the planet. 0
Get a new jobChange your job for a better salary; better work conditions or quit your daily routines. 0
Help othersSpend time helping relatives or join a volunteer organization to help others. 0
Save moneyGet out of debt; improve finance. 0
Drink less alcoholDrink more responsibly for a healthier life. 0
Change nothingWhy bother with a resolution if you can't follow it. No need for a resolution everything is perfect. 0
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