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Compare PRO's vs CON's vs PHP Version Required vs Training
PRO'sCON'sPHP Version RequiredTraining
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Laravel· Organize files and code · Rapid application development · MVC architecture (and PHP7) · Unit testing (FAST on HHVM) · Best documentation of any · High level of abstraction · Overloading capabilities using dynamic methods · Tons of out of the box functionality · payment integration with stripe · very strong encryption packages · ORM· Does NOT work on Shared hosting plans · Does Many queries on your database5.5.990% off Training
Phalcon· Blazing fast with low overheads · Auto loading · Unique in that it is based as a C-extension · VERY good Security features built-in · Lots of documentation · Developer friendly· Not as open source as Laravel · Bugs need waiting to be patches by developers of Phalcon · Does not work with HHVM5.390% off Training
Symphony· High performance, due to byte code caching · Stable · Well documented, maintained, and supported · Very good support and is very mature· While the documentation is good, there is a steep learning curve. · Companies are moving to MVC Framework architectures and Symfony2 does not support MVC.5.5.990% off Training
CodeIgniter· Very developer friendly Doesn't need any special dependencies or supports · Ability to use normal web hosting services well, using standard databases such as MySQL · Outperforms most other frameworks (non MVC) · Good documentation and LTS (Long Term Support)· No namespace's, however this can speed up · Not as friendly towards unit testing as others · Few libraries that are built inside the framework5.490% off Training
CakePHP· Modern framework · Supports PHP 5.5+ · Scaffholding system and Fast builds · Very good for commercial web applications (MIT License) · Database Access, Caching, Validation, Authentication, are built in · Extensive safekeeping tools include cross site · scripting prevention, SQL Injection prevention, · CSRF, and Form Validation · Good Documentation · Actively developed· Not as good for constructing Restful APIS as Laravel or others listed5.5.990% off Training
Zend· Ideal for enterprise applications · Object oriented · Tons of components for validation, feeds, and forms · Decoupled5.390% off Training
FuelPHP· Caching is Optional · Authentication packages · Restful building · URL routing · Modular with integrated ORM · New version will be fully object oriented, can be installed using composer, and one installation can · supports multiple applications· Not very beginner friendly (slim support documentation) · It is a relatively new framework with less support · Open source Community contributions are less than others (like Laravel and Phalcon)5.3.390% off Training
Slim· The fastest RESTful Framework available · Enough documentation to get you off the ground · Perfect for Small rest apis · Actively developed · Add-ons include: HTTP Caching, & Flash· Minimal add-ons on the stock composer when installed. · No official LTS release yet since its very new.5.590% off Training
Phpixie· Relatively new framework · Easy to get started · Documentation with code samples · Impressive Routing System · Ability to Compile fast · HMVC Pattern oriented· Very few modules · No support on components that are independently made from the dependencies5.390% off Training
Fat-Free· Light weight · Small learning curve · Very fast with optimizations for URL routing, cache engines, code · Good for multilingual applications · Off the shelf support for SQL or No SQL · Databases · Tons of packages including unit testing, image · Processing, JavaScript / CSS compressing, data validation, Open id and more· Kind of overkill for a micro framework · No new options compared to others · There is code repetition is places other MVC frameworks can take care of5.590% off Training
Aura· Slim and lightweight · Getting started guide · Perfect for Small rest apis · Actively developed · Add-ons include: HTTP Caching, & Flash· Very new framework so its soon to tell5.490% off Training
Yii 2· Rewrite of yii1, another popular web application framework · Very modern and flexible · One of the oldest php frameworks to date still supported · Packages for authentication and security · Short rapid development time · Lots of configuration, partially for speeding things up· NO built-in allowances at all · While lettering code within Yii, if you aren't organized, it can easily get messy5.190% off Training
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