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2014-12-31 08:44:43
Compare Various Winches (Mostly Synthetic Rope)
ImageManufacturerPricePull CapacitySynthetic RopeCableRemoteWireless remote controlHeightWidthDepthWeightWebsitePart NumberWaterproofAdditional FeaturesLast update
Off-Road Series 8,000lbT-Max789.99 USD8000YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
SEC8 Scout (ES)Mile Marker825.75 USD8000YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
Off-Road Series 8,500lbT-Max469.99 USD8500YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
Performance WinchRugged Ridge565.99 USD10500YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
Q9000sQuadratec449.99 USD9000YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
E9000SEngo479.99 USD9000YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
Offroad GS-9Viking1536.97 USD9000YesNoYesNo58.6 lb 08:44:43
9.0RcWarn1549.99 USD9000YesNoYesNo7.52 in.16.95 in.6.3 in.54 lbs. 08:44:43
9500LBBarricade439.99 USD9500YesNoYesNo8.6 in21.1 in6.3 in44 lb 08:44:43
XRC-9.5KSmittybilt449.99 USD9500YesNoYesNo9.4 in.22.3 in.5.4 in.46 lbs. 08:44:43
Q9500isQuadratec499.99 USD9500YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
Tiger Shark 9500Superwinch499.99 USD9500YesNoYesNo9.23 in20.83 in6.3 in 08:44:43
Outback Series 9,500lbT-Max679.99 USD9500YesNoNoYes 08:44:43
Performance Series 9,500lbT-Max1049.99 USD9500YesNoYesYes 08:44:43
Talon 9.5 SRSuperwinch1079.99 USD9500YesNoYesNo10.95 in24.22 in6.2 in 08:44:43
Talon 9.5i SRSuperwinch1099.99 USD9500YesNoYesNo10.66 in24.22 in6.2 in 08:44:43
Patriot 9500Ramsey1415.99 USD9500YesNoNoYes9.94 in22.66 in 08:44:43
9.5cti-s Self-RecoveryWarn1499.99 USD9500YesNoYesNo10.4 in.23.1 in.6.3 in.89 lbs. 08:44:43
9.5xp-s Self-RecoveryWarn1599.99 USD9500YesNoYesNo7.7 in.22.7 in.6.3 in.87 lbs. 08:44:43
Rock 98Superwinch1049.99 USD9800YesNoYesNo10.95 in20.22 in6.2 in 08:44:43
EPF10000SEngo519.99 USD10000YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
X2O-10KSmittybilt549.99 USD10000YesNoYesYes9.4 in22.3 in5.4 in67 lb 08:44:43
Q10000cQuadratec599.99 USD10000YesNoYesNo55 lb 08:44:43
ZEON-10SWarn1199.99 USD10000YesNoYesNo10.52 in.24.25 in.7.15 in.75 lbs. 08:44:43
ZEON-10S PlatinumWarn1749.99 USD10000YesNoNoYes10.52 in.24.25 in.7.15 in.75 lbs. 08:44:43
Q11000sQuadratec499.99 USD11000YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
Off-Road Series 11,000lbT-Max829.99 USD11000YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
Q11500isQuadratec599.99 USD11500YesNoYesNo 20412014-12-31 08:44:43
Tiger Shark 11.5Superwinch649.99 USD11500YesNoYesNo9.23 in20.83 in6.3 in 08:44:43
12000LBBarricade539.99 USD12000YesNoYesNo8.6 in21.1 in6.3 in44 lb 08:44:43
XRC-12KSmittybilt549.99 USD12000YesNoYesNo9.4 in22.3 in6.4 in51 lb 08:44:43
EPF12000SEngo619.99 USD12000YesNoYesNo 08:44:43
X2O-12KSmittybilt649.99 USD12000YesNoNoYes9.4 in22.3 in5.4 in67 lb 08:44:43
VR12000-SWarn829.99 USD12000YesNoYesNo6.3 in.20.8 in.6.97 in.89 lbs. 08:44:43
Talon 12.5Superwinch1129.99 USD12500YesNoYesNo10.95 in24.57 in6.2 in 08:44:43
Talon 12.5iSuperwinch1149.99 USD12500YesNoYesNo10.66 in24.57 in6.2 in 08:44:43
Talon 12.8Superwinch1254.99 USD12800YesNoYesNo10.95 in20.58 in6.2 in64 lb 08:44:43
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