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2016-08-30 09:35:39
Kameleoon is a leading Conversion Optimization platform, offering A/B Testing and Web Personalizations solutions for websites and mobile apps. Kameleoon's software benefit from a robust architecture who exploits visitor's data in real time and can identify optimal segments for your campaigns thanks to its predictive algorithms.
Website A/B Split testing and optimization tools
Video tourhttp://www.kameleoon.com
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Country of originFrance
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Personalised persuasion technique suggestionsNo
Dedicated Neuromarketing Consultant
Monthly Expert Review
Funnel Analysis
Neuromarketing Roadmap
Pre-Launch Check
Core Features
A/B Split TestingYes
Multivariate testingYes
Geo and Behavioral targetingYes
Easy point-and-click editorYes
One-time code integrationYes
Asynchronous code snippetYes
Realtime reportsYes
Multiple conversion goalsYes
Heatmaps & clickmapsYes
Usability ReportsNo
Visitors tested CappingYes
Test schedulerYes
Automatic mail reportYes Available with Premium configuration
Self OptimizationYes
Simulation modeYes
Tests on protected pages
Advanced Features
Multiple selectionsYes
Advanced selection engineYes
Absolute move modeYes
Visitor segmentation & targetingYes
Revenue TrackingYes
Integration with Google AnalyticsYes
Integration with OmnitureYes
Integration with WebtrendsYes
Integration with AT InternetYes
Cross-domain trackingYes
Automatic test monitoringYes
HTML, CSS and JQuery based testsYes
PluginsYes Drupal Commerce, Prestashop, Wordpress, DotClear
API to fetch test resultsYes
Enterprise Features
Multiple permission-based loginsYes
Client or project sub-accountsYes
Account activity notificationsYes
Whitelist IPs to access accountYes
Content Delivery Network (CDN)Yes
Chat support
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