2012-09-10 16:07:48
Help SystemYes
API & Tooling Componentization Extension LibraryYes
Content Storagethe path in the database, and the media in folders.
Content HTML EditorWYSIWYG ( the most useful Editor )
Modular and extensibleYes
Database Management and IntegrationYes
SecurityYes more secure than dotnetnuke
Optimized for Performance and SpeedYes
Permission based user managementYes
server requirementsdotnet framework, SQL Server
Page specific meta tagsYes
Templates-Supports custom designYes
Ease of useYes
Ability to preview your workYes
Navigation/page managementYes
User ExperienceAfter installing MojoPortal I felt very comfortable with it. It is really straight forward no fuss CMS. Performance was really impressive with all the all the modules I needed for the website. I also created a new module just to test how hard it is….it wasn’t.
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    2012-09-10 16:07:48
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