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RDB ProNet

Recruitment CRM Comparison
RDB ProNet
Company nameFirst Choice Software
Phone number01256 314600
Is it for Temporary, Contract or Permanent recruitmentPerm, Temporary and Permanent work flow is all covered
Can it be used for master vendor/recruitment process outsourcingYes
Any corporate/SME functionYes
Is it an ASP * and/or self hostedasp or self hosted
What is provided for front end (web) candidate data captureA tailored solution is provided based on each clients requirements, including a real time dynamic link from your site into the database to avoid the need to export and import information.
Do you have a global capacityYes
Can the product be integrated with Microsoft Office suiteYes
Can the product be integrated with Outlook (or other email client)Yes although ProNet removes the need to send email through Outlook. This improves security, makes sending mails faster and means all sent emails are in the database removing the need to go into Outlook to see sent items.
Can the product be integrated with other 3rd party applications (eg, SAP, Oracle, etc)Yes
Set up cost (inc installation, project management and basic training)Based on requirements
Price per licence£1,100
Annual support  or maintenance cost:Per site there is a monthly cost of £45 and 13.50 per user
Annual upgrade costAll included in the support subscription
List any other add-on costs (extraction, multi-posting etc)Options include data migration and web design
What support is provided (help desk, onsite, etc)Support is provided by phone, remotely and on site if required
Is any support available to candidates or line managersNo
What hours are support availableCore hours are 9am to 5pm although 24/7 support is available if required.
  • Recruitment CRM Comparison

    Compare RDB ProNet vs Bond Adapt vs TriSys Recruitment Software vs Absolver vs ITRIS vs Recruit Studio...
    Recruitment CRM Comparison
Feb. 27th 2013 2:49:20 PM
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