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2013-03-26 10:20:07
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Slingshot SMS
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IntroductionUsing an GSM modem or cellphone, SlingshotSMS will send and receive text messages on behalf of your web application. It builds on the work ofpygsm, an excellent Python library for dealing with AT-compatible modems. What this means is that SlingshotSMS is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, and can interface with a wide range of GSM modems and cell phones - including many sub-$200 field-ready modems. All code is available on github. Appears to offer a JSON API. Very lightweight, but no active development at the moment. Local server and handset required
Set-up cost
Cost per SMS
Auto-responder messages
Open source
Local number
Short code
Hardware requirements
Incoming messages
Outgoing messages
Hosted, Network or HandsetHandset
Flag priority messages?
sending sms
sending messages
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