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E-commerce Platform Comparison for selling software, SaaS and digital products


Compare PayPro Global vs Avangate vs Fastspring

PayPro Global
Pricing Plan
  • CloudCommerce 4.9% + $1 or 7.9% (min.$1.95)
  • Enterprise Per agreement
  • Growth Edition 3.99% + 0.79EUR
  • Standard Edition 4.9% + 1.95EUR or 8% (min 1.95EUR)
  • Enterprise Edition Custom
  • Standard 8.9%(min 0.75$) or 5.9%+0.95$
  • Enterprise Level Custom
VolumesUnlimited for all plans
  • Growth Edition Limited to 15K USD per month
  • Standard Edition Unlimited
  • Enterprise Edition Unlimited
Store Management
Data Import / ExportOui customers, licenses, subscriptions, ordersOuiOui migration solution upon request
Channel catalog managementdirect, affiliates, resellers
  • Growth Edition -
  • Standard Edition Affiliates Only
  • Enterprise Edition All Channels
SplitPay - track and manage resellers and partners
Price listsOui pricing, per locale, per channel- Only for Enterprise planOui Regional pricing
Multiple store managementOuiOuiOui
User role-based administrationOui- Only for Standard and Enterprise plansOui
Customer Self Service PortalOui- Only for Enterprise plan-
Mobile commerceOui Mobile shopping carts, responsive control panelOuiOui mobile-optimized order page styles
Supported productsOne time license, automatic and manual subscription, trial and grace periods, add-on ordersOne time license, renewals, auto renewals, add-ons.One time license, renewals, auto renewals, add-ons.
Payment, invoicing and other operationsOui including tax and VAT handelingOuiOui
Electronic DeliveryOui Email or instantOui Email or instantOui Email or instant
License key managementOuiOuiOui digital rights management (DRM), license key code generation (AquaticPrime, ByteShield, CocoaFOB, GameShield, Quick License Manager (QLM), SoftwareKey System, CryptoLicensing, and SoftwareShield)
Secure Product Files HostingOuiOui 200 MB - 2 GB included depending on the planOui downloadable files (up to 5GB each) using Amazon’s S3 bandwidth service
Back-up MediaOui Personalized CD, DVD, USBOuiOui CD and DVD backup
Download Insurance ServiceOuiOui-
Reporting systemOui Predefined reports, Business Intelligence, Custom reports, GA integrationOui-
Checkout analyticsOui Page Actions, Trends, Top Countries etc.Oui Google Analytics, for Enterprise also Omnivore and other third-party solutionsOui Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends and Google AdWord
Subscriptions metrics & reportingOui Churn, conversion, MRR/ARR, Lifetime valueOuiOui limited
Marketing & Sales Tools
Lead managementOui order recovery & followup services- Only for Standard and Enterprise plansOui Mailchimp integration
A/B Testing ToolOui Promotions, Email and Checkout Templates- Only for Standard and Enterprise plansOui
Email marketing toolsOui Lead follow-up campaignOuiOui collecting customer email address and sending to external services (Mailchimp)
Network Cross SellingOui- Only for Standard and Enterprise plansOui
MarketplacesOui PayPro Store- Add-on only for Enterprise plans-
Cart templates (Gallery)OuiOui-
Global Payments
Multiple Global Online and Offline Payment MethodsOuiOuiOui
Billing currencies286 - 30 currencies depending on the plan18 Currencies
eCommerce supported languages2331 languages24 languages
Integrated multiple payment processorsOuiOui-
Recurring optimization toolsOuiOui-
Advanced, automatic and manual anti fraudOuiOui-
Refund and chargeback managementOuiOuiOui
Affiliate Platform & NetworkOui- Add-on only for Standard and EnterpriseOui SplitPay - resellers and partners
PCI Compliant Level 1 transaction pagesOuiOuiOui
Client & Customer Services
Technical supportOui 24/7 email, phone, Skype, response time - within 24 hoursOui Response time via email 2-3 business daysOui ticket system and documentation
Setup, on boardingOui- Assisted only for EnterpriseOui self-service, setup support
Business success reviewsOui- Annual, quarterly, monthly only for Enterprise-
Ongoing Account ManagementOui- Only for Enterprise-
Online chat supportOui 24/7Oui-
Integration and Customization ServiceOui- Assisted only for EnterpriseOui support with account setup, checkouts
Customer Friendly Support ServicesOui 24/7 Email, Phone, vendor personalized email templatesOui Growth - 24/7 Email, Standard - 24/7 Email&phone, Enterprise - 24/7 email and phone support with vendor personalized scripts and email templatesOui
Expert fraud management / screeningOui 24/7- Only for Standard and Enterprise plans-
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Compare PayPro Global vs Avangate vs Fastspring
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