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2020-10-22 13:03:16
Comparing Online Booking Software for Appointment-Based Businesses in US$ Pricing. ie: Massage Therapy, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Hairstylists, Personal Trainers, Naturopathic, Beauticians, Nail Salons, Dieticians, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Auto Repair, Cleaning Companies, Yoga
pricing level 1 (1 Therapist)pricing level 2 (2-10 Users)pricing level 3 (10+)electronic treatment notesmobile booking appmarketing site listingextra costs (texts etc)automatic marketingsell products?GC'sSite web
Yocale.com20 USD40 USD50 USDOui attach any type of file/image to client filesOuiOui Yocale listing for finding any local appointmentsincludedautomatic review requests from confirmed clients, email marketingOuiNon
Mindbodyonline.com30 USD60 USD85 USDNonOuiOui mindbody listingincludedmarketing emailsOuiOui
Appointment.com29 USD39 USD49 USDNonNonNon$0.10 pay-as-you-gonoOuiNon
Setmore.com0 USD25 USD25 USDNonNonNon$10/moreview pageNonNon
Schedulicity.com0 USD20 USD40 USDNonOuiOui schedulicity listing$5-$10/momarketing emailsNonOui
BodyworkBuddy.com0 USD35 USD35 USD and aboveNonNonNonTexts $0.15 eaemail marketingNonNon
Appointy.com0 USD30 USD50 USDNonNonNonincludedemail marketingNonNon
Square Appointments30 USD50 USD90 USDNonNonNonincludednoNonOui
simplybook.me8 USD30 USD60 USDNonNonNonincludednoNonNon
clinicsense.com29 USD59 USD99 USDOuiNonNonincludedemail marketingOuiOui
janeapp.com49 USD74 USD300 USDOuiOuiNonincludedemail marketingNonNon
JRNI20 USD35 USD70 USDNonNonNon$0.10 texts $5/mo GC's, $10/mo customizationnoNonOui
gettimely.com19 USD19 USD64 USDNonNonNon$0.10 textsnoNonNon
10to8.com0 USD22 USD44 USDNonNonNonincludednoNonNon
Massagebook.com0 USD20 USD25 USD- fee for SOAP notesNonOui with ABMP$4.99 Text Reminders & Alerts, $4.99 Facebook Integration, $4.99 Facebook Share Generator, $2.99 Client Photo Wizard, $3.99 SEO Rank Booster Pro, $9.99 Email Campaigns, $5.99 Gift Certificates, $3.99 Autopilot Pro, $9.99 Premium SOAP Notes, $4.99 Client Intake Formsemail marketingNonOui
BookSteam19.95 USD29.95 USD39.95 USDNonOui mobile optimizedNon$0.04 text for Canada/USA $0.11 text for All other countriesCustomer reviews email marketing- coming soonOui
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  • GC = Gift Certificates (Online GC's Selling)
    English Posté 2015-11-12 08:24:17 par Mia Lockhart
  • a voté pour ce Comparatif (J'aime)
    English Posté 2015-11-03 19:22:29 par Hadi Gol
  • Hi @Mia Lockhart
    What's the GC abbreviations for ?
    English Posté 2015-11-03 15:48:43 par Alexis
  • a voté pour ce Comparatif (J'aime)
    Posté 2015-11-03 15:35:41 par Alexis
  • Online booking systems for massage therapists
    English Posté 2015-11-03 00:59:12 par Mia Lockhart
  • a noté BookSteam: Rating 5
    Posté 2014-10-06 21:20:43 par user5565

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