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Site webhttp://www.avangate.com/
Pricing Plan
  • Growth Edition 3.99% + 0.79EUR
  • Standard Edition 4.9% + 1.95EUR or 8% (min 1.95EUR)
  • Enterprise Edition Custom
  • Growth Edition Limited to 15K USD per month
  • Standard Edition Unlimited
  • Enterprise Edition Unlimited
Store Management
Data Import / ExportOui
Channel catalog management
  • Growth Edition -
  • Standard Edition Affiliates Only
  • Enterprise Edition All Channels
Price lists- Only for Enterprise plan
Multiple store managementOui
User role-based administration- Only for Standard and Enterprise plans
Customer Self Service Portal- Only for Enterprise plan
Mobile commerceOui
Supported productsOne time license, renewals, auto renewals, add-ons.
Payment, invoicing and other operationsOui
Electronic DeliveryOui Email or instant
License key managementOui
Secure Product Files HostingOui 200 MB - 2 GB included depending on the plan
Back-up MediaOui
Download Insurance ServiceOui
Reporting systemOui
Checkout analyticsOui Google Analytics, for Enterprise also Omnivore and other third-party solutions
Subscriptions metrics & reportingOui
Marketing & Sales Tools
Lead management- Only for Standard and Enterprise plans
A/B Testing Tool- Only for Standard and Enterprise plans
Email marketing toolsOui
Network Cross Selling- Only for Standard and Enterprise plans
Marketplaces- Add-on only for Enterprise plans
Cart templates (Gallery)Oui
Global Payments
Multiple Global Online and Offline Payment MethodsOui
Billing currencies6 - 30 currencies depending on the plan
eCommerce supported languages31 languages
Integrated multiple payment processorsOui
Recurring optimization toolsOui
Advanced, automatic and manual anti fraudOui
Refund and chargeback managementOui
Affiliate Platform & Network- Add-on only for Standard and Enterprise
PCI Compliant Level 1 transaction pagesOui
Client & Customer Services
Technical supportOui Response time via email 2-3 business days
Setup, on boarding- Assisted only for Enterprise
Business success reviews- Annual, quarterly, monthly only for Enterprise
Ongoing Account Management- Only for Enterprise
Online chat supportOui
Integration and Customization Service- Assisted only for Enterprise
Customer Friendly Support ServicesOui Growth - 24/7 Email, Standard - 24/7 Email&phone, Enterprise - 24/7 email and phone support with vendor personalized scripts and email templates
Expert fraud management / screening- Only for Standard and Enterprise plans
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