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2021-11-19 10:17:08
Fournisseurs d'email jetable, temporaire
Hot Temp Mail
Site web
Type de consultationconsultation sur un site web
Consultation sécuriséOui
Visibilité publiqueNon
Developer APINon
Période de validité1 day then automatically deleted
RemarquesAny person who wants to get hands on a temporary email address, regardless of the specific reason can think about using Hot Temp Mail. The temporary email address that you can get out of Hot Temp Mail will be able to act similar to a real email address. However, you will only be able to use it for a short time period, where you can get your requirement catered.
Adresse e-mail aléatoireOui
Choix personnalisé de l'emailOui
E-mail valide obligatoire-
Domaine personnel possible-
Taille limite des messages
RSS channel to be informed when a new message arrives-
Durée de vie des messages recus1 day
Connexion SSL ?Oui
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    2021-11-19 10:17:08
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