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2020-11-17 08:59:45
Help SystemOui
API & Tooling Componentization Extension LibraryOui
Content Storagethe path in the database, and the media in folders.
Content HTML EditorWYSIWYG ( the most useful Editor )
Modular and extensibleOui
Database Management and IntegrationOui (in MySQL)
SecurityOui Modules for security can be added
Optimized for Performance and SpeedOui
Permission based user managementOui
server requirementsapache server, MySQL
Page specific meta tagsOui
Templates-Supports custom designOui
Ease of useOui
Ability to preview your workOui
Navigation/page managementOui
User ExperienceJoomla is not very complicated as far as the usage is concerned and moreover the installation of the script is fairly easy as well. As far as the administration is concerned, it is very graphical and intuitive. Moreover, the theme selection is pretty impressive as well. but its built on Php not .Net
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    2020-11-17 08:59:45
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