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2016-04-29 14:44:29
Magento Import Comparison
Magento Backend Import
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Price for single importFree
Price for reimportFree
Price for regular importFree
Price for automated importSpecial skills required to set up cron job, so the price depends on your hosting service price or developer’s fee
Installation & configurationIncluded in Magento, but the process of setting up is complicated
SupportCommunity support in the form of public forum users. Developers support is offered for additional fee
DocumentationNot available on official Magento site - check it yourself
Server Resources UsageHuge - number of server resources required
File requirementsHas a lot of requirements including column names, data format, speicifc images folder, image path, etc. You can check here for all required columns
Functionality& FlexibilityNo additional functionality
MultiStore supportAvailable
Product types supportAll product types
Images supportImage gallery with multiple images, but requires specific place for uploading images (media/...)
Import of attributes and Attribute setsNeed to be created manually
Custom Options importNot supported
Do it for me option - “I want to save my time. Import it for me”Not available
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    2016-04-29 14:44:29
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