oFeatures powers customer service. It provides website owners with easy to use features, which they can copy and paste straight to their website without technical skills. It offers the following features:

  • Live Chat
  • Customer Feedback
  • Ticketing System
  • Call Me Back
  • Contact Form
  • and more

If you have customers worldwide, you can create as many language versions as you need.

The website administrator and his Support Team Members can communicate with customers located anywhere in the world.

oFeatures offers a list of predefined themes as well as the possibility to customize them in any way.

Through Statistics it is possible to have insight and control over customer service performance.

Thanks to built-in video tutorials time spent on getting familiar with oFeatures is reduced.
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Site webhttp://oFeatures.com
Live chat widget
Période d'essai gratuiteOui 14 days
Number of paid customers
  • Lite Plan
    5 Credits/mo*
    3 agents for free
    Limit: 50 requests / month.
    There is an option to change to Standard plan in the future
  • Standard Plan
    10 Credits/mo*
    unlimited requests
    3 agents for free

    *1 Credit = 1 € You can pay in: USD AUD CAD GBP EUR PLN NOK
Capture d'écran
Date de lancement2015
Application WebOui HTML5 Responsive Web Application
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integration
Applications bureau (desktop)Oui Compatible with all modern desktop & mobile web browsers
Support Mobile
Fonctionne pour les utilisateurs sur mobile ?Oui Responsive, mobile-friendly predefined themes + Possible customization for mobile version and desktop version independently
Statistiques du chatOui
Multi-siteOui Unlimited amount of websites
Opérateurs multiplesOui Unlimited amount of operators - You can decide whether users of your oFeatures account have access to the whole system (as you do) or just to the Support Panel
Transcriptions des conversationsOui Unlimited for all plans. Available via the Support Panel.
Messages hors ligneOui You can decide on hours in which clients can contact you but even if your chat is off they can still do that using a contact form.
Personnalisation de l'apparenceOui Set of predefined styles which can be customized in any way.
Profil des visiteursOui
Réponses pré-enregistréesOui
MultilingueOui Unlimited amount of languages. Conversations are auto assigned based on language skills of agents.
Contrôle de la navigation utilisateur
Transfert entre opérateursOui User-friendly operator transfer control
Extensions personnaliséesOui
Discussion proactive
Suivi des visites
Video chat
Capture d'écran à distance
Réseaux sociaux
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Site webhttp://oFeatures.com
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    2020-10-23 16:49:24
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL


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