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Auto Repair Financing Options

Compare Secure Payment Systems, Cross-Check, ARC90 and in-house financing. Want more information to get started? Call Corey Turner at 800-419-5315. Courtesy of Turner Lead Generation. Marketing programs included with each financing product to bring you more customers.
Secure Payment SystemsCross-CheckArc90In-House
Last updateJul. 25th 2012 5:08:43 AMJul. 25th 2012 5:08:43 AMJul. 25th 2012 5:08:43 AMJul. 22nd 2012 4:17:18 PM
$ Limit$5000$2000-$2500NoneNone
Terms12 Months, 6 Months, 90 Days90 Days, 45 Days90 Days, 6 MonthsYou Choose
Automated FundingYes, Within 72 HoursYes, Weekly As ACH ClearsYes, Up to $1500 or $2500. 2 approval codes.Yes, Weekly As ACH Clears
Customer RequirementsID and Valid Checking AccountID and Valid Checking AccountID, Valid Checking Account, Proof of IncomeYou Choose
When Funds Transfered To YouFull Amount Within 48-72 HoursAs Each Check Is Deposited Within 72 Hours$1500 or $2500 24-72 hours. 2 approval codes.Weekly
Customer Approval Based OnCheck writing history + FICOCheck writing historyIncome and check writing history.3-Bureau Credit Check
Down Payment25% Minimum25% MinimumVariesYou Choose
Interest RateVariesN/AN/AYou Choose
ApplicationYesNoneYesPromissory Note
Bounced Check GuaranteeN/AYesYesN/A
GPS Disabler/TrackerNoNoNoRecommended
Signup Cost$295FreeWaived, typically $495$495
EquipmentLease or BuyFreeOptional, but recommended for $2500 Fast-Track programNone
Pricing$100/Mo Equipment Lease +/-$100/Mo Minimum9% Flat on usage. No monthly or minimums.$59.95/Mo
Compare Synergy vs Cross-Check vs Arc90 vs In-House
Jul. 25th 2012 5:08:43 AM
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