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2013-08-14 20:10:26

Kiln vs Cricuble vs Phabricator

Feature comparisons between three code review systems.

Product details
cost$25/user per month$2400free
hosted in-houseNoYesYes
repository browserYesYesYes
file historyYesYesYes
file annotationYesYesYes
pre-push reviewNoYesYes
post-push reviewYesYesYes
open review from CLINoYesYes
add multiple changesets to reviewYesYes- only for pre-push
add non-successive changesetsYesYesNo
side-by-side comparisonYesYesYes
stacked comparisonYesYesNo
see renamed files in reviewYesNoYes
see deleted files in reviewYesNoYes
integrate linterNoNoYes
integrate unit testsNoNoYes
monitor checkins to create reviewsNo- limitedYes
approvals needed for code reviewAllAny
require multiple approvalsYesNo
edit past commentsNoYes
recognize added vs moved codeNoYes
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    2013-08-14 20:10:26
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