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Lego tower world records


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Short name
São Paulo31.19 m500,000Apr. 10th 2011 Brazil
Nasu Highland Park29.7 m430,000Apr. 3rd 2009 Japan
Vienna29.485 m500,000Oct. 5th 2008 Austria
Legoland Windsor29.26 m500,000May 5th 2008 Great Britain
Toronto29.03 mAug. 22nd 2007 Canada
Legoland California28.74 m465,000May 28th 2007 USA
Sønderborg Ringrider-festen28.48 mJul. 10th 2006 Denmark
Albergen27.44 m2004 MayNetherlands
Legoland Billund27.22 m500,0002003 JuneDenmark
Oostende26.7 m2002 Aug.Belgium
Yekaterinburg26.19 m2002 JuneRussia
Rostov25.71 m2002 MayRussia
Tallin24.91 m391,478Aug. 21st 1998 Estonia
Moscow24.66 m387,903Jul. 19th 1998 Russia
Hohenwestedt23.95 m367,700Aug. 16th 1997 Germany
Nice23.66 m300,0001997France
Seoul23.141 m1996South Korea
Tåstrup22.67 mJul. 27th 1995 Denmark
Madrid22.41 mOct. 10th 1994 Spain
La Belle Etoile22.13 mSep. 4th 1994 Luxemburg
Hong Kong21.91 mApr. 4th 1994 Hong Kong
Göteborg21.63 m1993 Aug.Sweden
Brussels21.36 mJun. 27th 1993 Belgium
Budapest21.14 m1993 MayHungary
Dübendorf (Zürich)20.61 m500,000Aug. 8th 1992 Switzerland
Auckland19.9 m248.756Feb. 23rd 1992 New Zealand
Cascais19.7 m250,0001992 Feb.Portugal
San Francisco19 m1990USA
Vienna18.7 m183,0001990 Oct.Austria
Tel Aviv18.15 m221,5601990 MayIsraël
Munich16.97 m180,000Aug. 20th 1989 Germany
London15.01 mOct. 30th 1985 Great Britain
Milton Keynes13.1 m100,000Aug. 25th 1980 Great Britain
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