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2020-03-02 20:50:40
Compare LetsSyncro vs LiveChat vs WebsiteAlive vs Olark
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LetsSyncro goes beyond Live Chat companies offering a completely new guided shopping experience which combines text, voice and images.

With LetsSyncro you can Live Chat with your Online Customers and show them visually your products and services. LetsSyncro adds image and voice interaction to conventional Live Chat software

LiveChat serves as a premium live chat and help desk software for online sales and customer service.

LiveChat allows online businesses to interact with customers on their website and be more accessible.

Easy to use and customize, LiveChat reduces the number of customer emails and calls, helping increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Key LiveChat advantages:
  • give customer service at any time of the day or night
  • interact with customers on the website
  • make extra sales from using the service
  • provide valuable business insight on website visitors

Why LiveChat

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The fastest way to help customers

Alive Chat is the easy Live Chat solution for your website. Visitors can immediately chat with someone at your company who can answer all their questions, all in real time.

Olark is the most beautiful and effective way to talk to your customers for sales and support. And we make it super easy for you! Solve customer problems before they have a chance to click away. Give customers the answers they need immediately and gain powerful insights about what they want for relationships that last. Olark has powerful features to give you access to visitors and their behaviors. Make your business (and your site) look good and keep your customers coming back.

Video tour
Trial and Prices
  • 30 days Free-Trial
  • Basic Plan: $49/month (up to 3 operators)
  • Pro: $129/month
  • Enterprise: Customized
30 days free trial available, no credit card required.

  • Starter Plan: $16 / month / account
  • Regular Plan: $30 / month / account
  • Team Plan: $33 / month / account
  • Enterprise Plan: $50 / month / account
  • Enterprise Plus Plan: $149 / month / account

There's no limit of active chats going at any one time.

Full pricing details available at:

  • 10-Day Free Trial
  • 29.95$ /month (Lite : 2 Operators, customization)
  • 69.95$ /month (Pro : 2 Operators, visitor recorder, admin rights, chat collaboration...)
  • 97.95$/month (Pro+ : 2 Operators, live training, reporting suite, VIP support...)
All paid plans come with 14 day free trial.
  • Free Plan (1 operator with 20 conversations/month)
  • 15 dollars/month (bronze: 1 operator...),
  • 29 dollars/month (gold: 3 operators, SSL security...),
  • 69 dollars/month (platinum: 6 operators, white label, SSL security...)
  • 149 dollars/month (ultimate: 10 operators, SSL security, white label, phone support...)
Launch date2002-06-252009-08-01
Web-based ApplicationYesYes Compatible with all up-to-date browsers.NoYes
Desktop ApplicationsYesYes Desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X.YesYes through IM clients
Native mobile applicationYesYes Mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.YesNo No native app, but any Jabber/XMPP app will work
Works for customers on mobile devices?YesYes Optimized for mobile devices does not require Flash to work.Yes
Chat statisticsYesYes Reports and analytics are focused on measuring customer service efficiency (quantity, performance, handle times) and chat-to-sale conversion (eCommerce goals).YesYes
Multi-siteYes Available on the Pro and Enterprise PlanYes There's no limit. One account can be used to manage multiple websites.YesYes
Multiple operatorsYesYes Every user can have their own account. Different agent roles available.YesYes
Conversation transcriptsYesYes Chat transcripts are stored in LiveChat. Option to export archived transcripts.YesYes
Offline messagesYesYes Offline messages are saved as tickets, forwarded to a help desk or email address.YesYes Messages sent to an email address(es) or into a CRM.
CobrowsingYes It has a technology which is similar to cobrowsing but less intrusiveYes With the use of a 3rd party application.NoYes push webpages
Visual customizationYesYes Several chat window themes to choose from. CSS customization, branding and white label version are available.YesYes use existing themes or full CSS customization + whitelabel (non-branded) version for an additional fee
Visitor detailsYesYes Detailed information on online visitors include geolocation, IP address, referrer links, time on the website and number of visits, custom events and more.YesYes Geo-location, IP address, browsing time, current & past page details, referrer, No. of visits to site, browser, OS platform, name, email, username, custom data with some API customization, shopping cart info for Shopify and Magento users
Predefined responsesYesYes Canned replies are tag-based - by typing in #tag a corresponding answer pops up.YesYes Using 3rd Party Macros
International supportYesYes 40+ languages available.YesYes
Clickpath TrackerYes The user's browsing path is displayed in real-time to provide details on visited pages.NoYes
Transfer to another operatorYesYes Chats can be transferred back and forth between operators. Chat history is transferred along with the visitor.YesYes type !transfer command to transfer to all available operators, transcript link shows to new operator
Custom extensionsYesYes 60+ integrations available, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Zendesk and many other.YesYes Extensible API (JavaScript plugin architecture)
Proactive chat triggersYesYes LiveChat detects when visitors take certain actions on the website and issue chat invitations based on those actions.YesYes Fully customizable rule-based triggers
Visitor MonitoringYesYes Monitor the page URL that a website visitor is on and directly engage with them to answer page specific questions.YesYes List of visitors shows inside your IM client buddy list or on the screen if using a web-based option. Can enable notifications for when visitors land on your site.
Video chatNoNo Not available.NoNo
Remote screenshotYes It has a unique remote desktop which allow website owners to interact with the visitors in the same imagesYes With the use of a 3rd party application.NoNo
API-Yes Open API available.NoYes
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