Password memorization techniques

2013-03-08 00:12:31

Until we get ride of passwords we'll need to know some techniques to avoid having the same password for all your accounts. Here is a short comparison to show some alternative techniques.

Here is a comparison of password managers:

Password managersPassword cardsPassword algorithms
DescriptionUse a software to generate and remember passwords for you. A master password generally protect all your passwords.Using a password card can help you memorize several complex passwords by just remembering few information.
  1. Create / print a card
  2. Pick a direction, length, and starting point
Here is a simple algorithm to create a password from phrases you like.
  1. Choose one or several sentences (quotes, sentences in a book...)
  2. Extract the first letter of each word
  3. Alternate case
  4. Add the number of characters of the first and last word.
"Password is a pain to remember"
=> "piaptr"
=> "pIaPtR"
=> "pIaPtR88"

To make your password secure you need to make it different for each website/account. You can for example add the first and last character of the website name.
AlternativesKeePass, Pixelock, Roboform
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