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2014-03-24 21:43:30
Compare PEQ2™ vs Caliper vs DiSC vs AVA vs Wonderlic vs MBTI
Online AdministrationYesYesYesNoYesYes
Easy to Understand ReportYesYes- Depends Report OrderedYes- Score only with little interpretationYes
Cognitive AbilityYesNoNoNoYes
Sales BehaviorYesYes- Requires DiSC Sales Profile- General Behavior "Style"NoNo
Training StyleYesNo- General Learning StyleNoNoNo
Employer Interview GuideYesNoNoNoNoNo
Customized for Your DealershipYesNoNoNoNoNo
Designed for Auto SalesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Workplace FitYesNoNoNoNoNo
Same Day ResultsYesNoYes- Requires trained employee- For Online OnlyYes
Requires Special TrainingNoNo- Not required, but available for feeYesNoNo
Requires On-site ConsultantNoNoNo- If on-site scoring unavailableNoNo
Try it freeYesNoNoNoNoNo
Unlimited Use PricingYes Monthly, 3 or 6 Month, and Annual Plans- We're not sureNoYes With Annual ContractNoNo
Per Assessment PricingYesYesYesNoYesYes
90-day GuarunteeYesNoNoNoNoNo
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    2014-03-24 21:43:30
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  • Compare PEQ2™ vs Caliper vs DiSC vs AVA vs Wonderlic vs MBTI
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