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2019-01-07 14:02:56
angular 5 vs react js
Use forAngular 5 is used for building client applications in HTML and TypeScript.
Syntax simplicityAngular 5 syntax is complex. It appears difficult for the beginners.
Binding data SupportsAngular 5 supports two-way binding of data.
SupportsIt supports MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) template.
Focus onAngular 5 focuses on one-to-one correspondences in relations.
FlexibilityDue to its complex syntax, it is rigid in nature.
Written inAngular 5 is written using HTML and Typescript.
Language understandabilityAngular is harder to learn and understand as typescript is harder than JSX.
Development processBeing an open source framework it is easy to develop.
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    2019-01-07 14:02:56
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