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Asset Names
Collaborative EditingScene Fusion BETA
Scripting at runtime[1] CS-Script for Unity [2] Jurrassic JavaScript Runtime [3] C# Scripting
Object manipulation at runtime[1] Runtime Transform Gizmos [2] PlayEditor.
Terrain editing at runtime[1] Built-in / scripted [2] Parametric Primitives [3] Landscape Builder [4] World Composer (world heightmaps)
Texture upload at runtimeN/A
3D model upload at runtime[1] 3DS LOADER RUNTIME IMPORTER [2] Runtime OBJ Importer [3] OBJ Mesh IO [4] aiImporter Runtime [5] UniFBX
3D model export[1] OBJ Mesh IO (runtime) [2] Scene OBJ exporter [3] COLLADA Exporter for Unity 5
Scriptable characters[1] Pathing Pedestrian System
Pathfinding and AI[1] Pathing Pedestrian System [2] UnitySteer [3] Fast Waypoint System [4] Simple Waypoint System [5] Easy AI Steering [6] Apex Steer
HTTPS/SSL and Cookies[1] Web API Kit: Core [2] RESTfulWWW Web Service Connectivity Kit
HTML4 on an object[1] HuG:Hugging HTML on Unity [2] Embedded Browser
HTML5 on an object[1] HuG:Hugging HTML on Unity [2] Embedded Browser
Road laying tools[1] It's A Road Tool [2] Mesh Deformer [3] Spline Power [4] Extrood
Power line tools[1] Wires [2] Mesh Deformer [3] Spline Power
Wall and fence tools[1] Razor Wire [2] Spline Power [3] Auto Fence & Wall Builder
Complex 3D shape editing[1] ProBuilder Basic [2] Parametric Primitives [3] PolyMorpher
Vehicles and alternate control[1] Vehicle Physics Toolkit [2] SBP Mobile Optimized Car [3] Simple Car Boost System
OAR import[1] OARConvWin
Appearance customization[1] UMA 2
Chat and IM[1] Jabber Unity Networking (XMPP) [2] Virtual World Framework
Voice Chat / VoIP[1] Photon Voice [2] DFVoice Voice Chat [3] Video Chat
Combat and interaction[1] FPS Constructor [2] Turn Based Strategy Framework [3] Action Game Starter Kit
Animate 3D model[1] Mecanim Control [2] Kinect v2 Animator [3] UniFBX
Augmented Reality (AR)[1] ARToolkit [2] Multi-Platform Marker Detection Plugin [3] Multi-Platform Image Detection Plugin
Render-to-texture[1] Built-in Render Texture [2] Mirror Effect
Stereoscopic 3D[1] Stereoscopic camera [2] LC VR Kit Free [3] Cardboard VR World Drift Rotating Correction Gyro [4] Stereoscopic Gyro Camera for mobile [5] SteamVR Network Essentials
Animated gestures[1] Basic Gesture Motion [2] Kinect with OpenNI2 [3] Kinect v2 Animator
Skeletal tracking[1] Kinect with OpenNI2 [2] Kinect v2 Animator
Hand tracking[1] Avatar Hand Controller (Leap motion) [2] Kinect v2 Animator [3] WebCam Hand Motion
Network data reduction[1] WebSocket-Sharp [2] Forge Networking
Server-client networking and/or P2P[1] Photon Unity Networking Free [2] DarkRift Networking [3] Network replication variables [4] Ultimate Networking Project [5] uMMO [6] Forge Networking
HTML5 ExportN/A
Soft body physics and deformation[1] DefKit [2] Meshinator [3] SAColliderBuilder
Physically based rendering[1] Simple Physical Shader [2] PBS Materials Variety Pack [3] Prototype Materials
e-Commerce[1] Simple PayPal Storefront [2] PayPal Express Checkout
Game console exportN/A
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