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2016-02-18 11:27:30
Comparison of mapping services
Google Maps
Like 9
By carYes
By public transportYes
By bikeYes
By footYes
Traffic informationYes
Aerial photographYes
CadastreYes USA
Ordnance Survey MapsNo
Collins Bartholomew MapsNo
Birdseye ImageryYes Minimal Coverage
Map creationYes
Add POIYes
Customized backgroundYes
Venue Maps (Malls, stadiums...)Yes Minimal Coverage only on Android. Not available to developers.
APIYes Web (Javascript), iOS SDK, Android SDK
Geocoding Web ServiceYes Request per day 2,500 (free license) / 100,000 (premier license)
Directions Web ServiceYes Request per day: 2,500 (free license) / 100,000 (premier license)
Distance Matrix Web ServiceYes 100 elements per query (free license) / 625 elements per query (premier license)
Elevation Web ServiceYes Requests per day: 2,500 (free licence) / 100,000 (premier licence)
Free Terms of UseRequest per day 2,500. Apps must be free and not paid for apps.
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    2016-02-18 11:27:30
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    le meilleur en street view
    Français Posted 2021-05-25 08:43:57 by 123456798
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    C'est un choix par utilisateur, il faudrait avoir le temps d'utiliser les autres. Je m'en sers de manière professionnelle
    Français Posted 2011-03-18 08:04:45 by villaret
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