PAT-Drill 301T, TP

2012-02-25 17:00:02
PAT Machine Comparisons
PAT-Drill 301T, TP
Last update2012-02-25 17:00:02
Geology DrilledAll kinds
Drill System and OperationHydraulic
Rig Assembly1 complete unit, main engine driven
Mobility2 wheel road trailer
TransportationTowed by pickup or similar
Drill Depth0-150 m
Drill Pipe Diameter60/76 mm x 2 m
Drill Pipe Length4” – 8” 100 - 200 mm
Borehole diameter in hard rock, DTH-Hammer drilling, Air flushing4 ” – 6” 100 - 150 mm
Air drilling, DTH- Hammer3"/4"/5" Hammer
Air drilling, Button Bit diameter90-150 mm
Air drilling, Air Compressor250-400 cfm, 7-12 bar
Mud PumpT= Separate TP= 400 L/min @ 6 bar progressive pump
Foam PumpHydraulic driven, mounted on rig
Weight (Basic Rig)T=1450 kg TP=1570 kg
Shipping information for a complete setMud & Air drilling, one 20 ft container
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