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2012-08-08 13:56:20
Rackspace Cloud Sites is a robust platform-as-a-service (PaaS) hosting cloud built for easily deploying and scaling static and dynamic web applications built on PHP or ASP/.NET. It supports inherent scaling and redundancy via load-balancing apps across multiple servers and supports two popular database back-ends (MySQL and MS SQL Server).Cloud Sites automatically balances your traffic across an entire cluster of servers. It's web hosting without the hassles of managing a dedicated server or the poor performance common with shared hosting. Just code it, load it and watch it scale.
Rackspace Cloud Sites
Video tourhttps://youtu.be/g52bTEjeW0Y
Development StatusProduction
Technologies supportedPHP, ASP, .NET
Open sourceNo
Cloud hostingYes Multi-tenant PaaS (platform-as-a-service)
Content Delivery Network (CDN)Yes Rackspace Cloud Files/Akamai
RepositoriesN/A, FTP/SFTP for code deployment
DatabasesMySQL 5 & MS SQL Server 2008
APINo Not for the Sites platform specifically; full API for object storage/CDN service
Centralized Dashboard and ConsoleYes
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Pricing$149/month (no contract)
  • Unlimited domains & applications
  • Robust control panel for deploying/managing applications, domains, email, databases
  • 50GB of scalable SAN storage
  • 500GB premium bandwidth (per month)
  • 10,000 compute cycles (per month)
  • 24x7x365 live support via phone, ticket, live chat
  • Access to deploy both PHP and ASP.NET applications within the same account

Additional Features
  • Client billing service
  • SSL capable
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Domain registration
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