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2016-06-28 02:51:43
OpenSim Existing Option
Collaborative EditingBuilt-in
Scripting at runtimeLSL
Object manipulation at runtimeBuilt-in
Terrain editing at runtimeSingle heightmap only
Texture upload at runtimeBuilt-in, sometimes errors, size limited
3D model upload at runtimeDAE only
3D model exportOBJ or DAE
Scriptable charactersMockingBOT avatar hijacker
Pathfinding and AINot implemented
HTTPS/SSL and CookiesHTTP only
HTML4 on an objectHTTP only
HTML5 on an objectN/A
Road laying toolsN/A
Power line toolsN/A
Wall and fence toolsN/A
Complex 3D shape editingLimited features
Vehicles and alternate controlLag and glitching
OAR importBuilt-in
Appearance customizationBuilt-in
Chat and IMBuilt-in
Voice Chat / VoIPVivox
Combat and interactionLimited systems
Animate 3D modelAvatar only
Augmented Reality (AR)N/A
Stereoscopic 3DExperimental
Animated gesturesBuilt-in
Skeletal trackingExperimental
Hand trackingN/A
Network data reductionN/A
Server-client networking and/or P2PDefault
HTML5 ExportN/A
Soft body physics and deformationN/A
Physically based renderingN/A
Game console exportN/A
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    2016-06-28 02:51:43
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