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2011-08-09 15:14:21
List of some noticeable telescopes. The list will be further updated.
ImageWebsitePriceProduct detailsBrandProduct nameTypeTechnical detailsDiameterFocal LengthFocal RatioWeightEyepiece 1Eyepiece focal lengthEyepiece magnificationEyepiece 2Eyepiece focal lengthEyepiece magnificationBox dimensionsHeightWidthDepth
SkyWatcher SK60700-R EURSkyWatcherSK60700-RRefracting Achromatic60 mm700 mmf / 11.673.5 kg10 mm70 x20 mm35 x15 mm36 mm780 mm
Celestron FirstScope EURCelestronFirstScopeReflecting Newtonian76 mm300 mmf / 3.952 kg4 mm75 x20 mm15 x410 mm250 mm260 mm
SkyWatcher Heritage P130 EURSkyWatcherHeritage P130Reflecting Newtonian130 mm650 mmf / 5.006.5 kg10 mm65 x25 mm26 x400 mm400 mm530 mm
SkyWatcher DOB 6 Traditional EURSkyWatcherDOB 6 TraditionalReflecting Newtonian153 mm1200 mmf / 7.845.8 kg10 mm120 x25 mm48 x
SkyWatcher DOB 8 Traditional EURSkyWatcherDOB 8 TraditionalReflecting Newtonian200 mm1200 mmf / 6.0011 kg10 mm120 x25 mm48 x
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    2011-08-09 15:14:21
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