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The best places for corner bathtubs

Corner bathtubs are an ideal solution when a bathroom is small, or shaped so that there is just not enough room for a traditional bath. Built to fit a range of different styles and requirements, the corner bathtub can be the perfect feature in a bathroom which doesn’t have the room to accommodate anything too large, out of the ordinary, or traditionally shaped. Corner bathtubs come in a variety of colours, too, so there won’t be any need to redecorate the bathroom in order to accommodate these styles of bathtub. There are so many different types of corner bathtubs available throughout Canada that it can seem as though the homeowner is spoilt for choice, but by carefully reading a few facts about each website with a specialist area on corner tubs, it is possible to narrow down that choice range to a select few.
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DescriptionLowes offer a range of different corner baths, including some which are the traditional triangle shape, and others which are oval, more like a smaller version of the ordinary bath. The triangle-shaped baths can be more expensive than the rectangular baths, and are also known as soaking corner baths. When buying from Lowes, it is important to remember to always check the size of the bathtub, as they can vary from 60in to 54in, and it is best to be sure about the type of tub being purchased. On the whole, their range is limited, but there are practical alternatives for any homeowner needing a corner tubAltrek offer a wider range of corner bathtubs, with sizes between 50in and 60in. While there are a variety of styles, they are perhaps more alike than other companies’ versions. However, there is a very attractive part-circular model which could easily fit into a bathroom with a number of other curved featuresAquatica is another corner bathtubs specialist with a range of designs, such as the PureScope corner bathtub, which is a standard triangle-style corner bathtub with an attractive curved front. These come in a variety of prices, depending upon means and size of bathroom. For those who don’t want the traditional corner tub, the Idea series, with its oblong centre space enclosed in a half circle, could be the ideal solution. These bathtubs are made from acrylic and are more stylish than the traditional form. In addition, the Idea bathtubs are also freestanding, so they don’t have to be placed directly in front of a wall. This makes them more convenient in areas where space is at a premium and it is not possible to fit in a standard bathroom. Aquatica can help homeowners with the selection of a corner bathtub, as well as a fantastic and original series of designs.
Height20.5 in26 in18.7 in
Width54 in58 in63 in
Price$ 1,462$ 1,487$ 2,608
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  • banyo on Nov. 29th 2016 1:08:49 PM

    Corner bath is not only an important addition to the bathroom but a great way of space saving, designed especially to maximize the space.Corner baths Our Corner baths give you all functionality without any compromising on style and quality. Whether it is about maximizing your bathroom space or want to show a contemporary look, Corner Baths are designed to fit perfect for each of these purposes.