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12designer is now 99designs
Logo creation contest websites comparison
Number of designers27,100
Logo contest
Number of proposals per contest100 +
Number of designers per contest
Contest length3 to 30 days
Min. prize amount€ 200 logo, 300 EUR webdesign (no html), 100 EUR naming
Listing FeeYes from 12.00 € up to 72.00 €
Private projectYes Confidential, hidden from Google, with a non-disclosure agreement...
Other contests
Page mockupYes
Wordpress themeYes
Twitter backgroundsNo
Banner adsYes from 100 €
Buttons & Icons designNo
Mobile Design
SloganYes from 100 €
Free definitionYes
Clothing Design
Multi LocalEuropean focus: England, Germany, Spain, France and Italy
Quality ControlYes Report functionality to ensure quality. Design-Jury to advice clients.
Hire the designer directlyYes. Designers are ranked in "seniority" levels, and directly reachable.
Designers Screening"Wall of Fame" field for designers, special visibility for good designers.
Design Copyright TransferAfter paying project's prize, client receives full rights of use of winning design.
Customer serviceYes 5 languages Customer Support (German, English, Spanish, French and Italian). Fee-back guarantee.
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5.0/5 1 rating
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5.0/5 2 ratings
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Jan. 13th 2015 12:50:05 AM
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User reviews and comments

  • Mathias on Jun. 22nd 2011 1:06:52 PM
    rated this Item: Customers opinion 5/5

    I needed a name for my company in the online psychotherapy business. I got a lot of great suggestions and finally decided for Thanks a lot also for the great support from the team!

  • shak on Jun. 22nd 2011 12:28:27 PM
    rated this Item: Customers opinion 5/5

    Best creativity at the best price

  • shak on Jun. 22nd 2011 12:27:55 PM
    rated this Item: Designers opinion 5/5

    Proven way of finding new creative challenges