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Benchmark Email

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Benchmark Email
Free trial periodYes 30 days
Pricing per subscriber (monthly payment)Yes add an image hosting monthly fee
Pricing per subscriber (annual payment)Yes 15% off
Pricing per sent email (email credits)Yes
Non-profit organization discountYes 25% discount
Specific pricing plans
  • Image Hosting Plus: $5/month : Includes storage of up to 20 MB of images (approx. 200 images at 100 KB).
SMTP Integration
Monthly Pricing Options
up to 250 subscribers$ 18.95
up to 10000 subscribers$ 73.95 (25% discount for non-profit organizations)
up to 30000 subscribers$ 179.95
up to 50000 subscribers$ 230.95
up to 75000 subscribers$ 339.95
up to 100000 subscribers$ 460
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Oct. 23rd 2012 12:36:55 AM
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