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Hotsol Email Marketing

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Hotsol Email Marketing
Free trial periodNo
Pricing per subscriber (monthly payment)No
Pricing per subscriber (annual payment)No
Pricing per sent email (email credits)No
Non-profit organization discountNo
Specific pricing plansDedicated server and cloud email marketing plans for sending to purchased lists and opt-in subscribers.
SMTP Integration
Monthly Pricing Options
up to 250 subscribers
up to 10000 subscribers$ 0 unlimited subscribers
up to 30000 subscribers
up to 50000 subscribers
up to 75000 subscribers
up to 100000 subscribers
Email Marketing
Jan. 25th 2019 10:03:45 PM
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User reviews and comments

  • MPro on Jan. 25th 2019 10:11:49 PM
    like this

    Hotsol is a great service for sending cold email to purchased lists. The customer service is good and they understand the space.