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MailGet Bolt

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MailGet Bolt
Free trial periodYes 30 Days
Pricing per subscriber (monthly payment)Yes Fixed Monthly Pricing
Pricing per subscriber (annual payment)Yes Fixed Annual Pricing With Free 2 Months
Pricing per sent email (email credits)
Non-profit organization discountYes 10% Discount
Specific pricing plans$42 / m
SMTP IntegrationInbuilt SMTP
Monthly Pricing Options
up to 250 subscribers
up to 10000 subscribers$ 42
up to 30000 subscribers
up to 50000 subscribers$ 199
up to 75000 subscribers$ 279
up to 100000 subscribers$ 369
Email Marketing
May 29th 2017 9:45:16 AM
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User reviews and comments

  • Vini on May 30th 2017 9:36:17 AM
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    I used MailGet for some time and joined Mailget Bolt soon after it was launched. Now I need not go through a long procedure of connecting to multiple SMTPs, I can send n number of emails within few minutes. I got great open rate after using it's auto-follow-up feature... It's a great service!!!!

  • Sonam on May 30th 2017 7:08:09 AM
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    MailGet Bolt is a simple, easy to use and full-featured email marketing software with the amazing features set.