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PHP frameworks comparison
Latest version4.2.10
Release dateNov. 5th 2022
First version2006
Requirements>= PHP 7.4
Backward compatibility
Package code573
Internationalization I18N / L10nlanguage class
Code generation
Cache storageFile, apc, memcached, xcache
Dependency injection container
Template SystemPHP, Simple template parser "{var_name}"
Web2.0jQuery HTML5boilerplate
Testing libraryPHPUnit (In development)
Edge Side Includes
Code generation
Layer generator
Menu generator
CRUD generation
Logging management
User interface
Multiple databasesYes
XSSYes Built-in
XSRFYes Built-in
SQL injectionYes Built-in
Auth module
Lines of code83
Number of files6
Request serving time ms50
Requests per second480
Github / Bitbucket /
Commercial SupportYes
Notable projects using
Your reviews
GitHub Stars18 121
StackOverflow69 123
4.7/5 10 ratings
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Nov. 20th 2022 5:16:11 PM
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User reviews and comments

  • Jo999uk on Apr. 14th 2020 7:30:27 AM
    rated this Item: Simplicity 5/5


  • wajidkhan on Feb. 26th 2019 8:40:38 AM
    like this

    i like it because its a very easy to use and also integrate a oop php

  • gennosukenokoga on Nov. 17th 2014 1:57:57 PM
    rated this Item: Simplicity 5/5

    Have been used this since Vocational High-school untill now i've worked on a homey Software House... It's simple and full of documentation...

  • Robert John Fajardo Guloy on Jun. 4th 2014 3:41:47 AM
    rated this Item: Simplicity 5/5

    good reliability and complete documentation

  • Salman Geek on May 10th 2014 8:16:02 AM
    rated this Item: Simplicity 5/5

    Using it since 2011. There is no competitor of this framework.

  • Vitaly Skorokhod on Mar. 9th 2014 5:04:02 PM
    rated this Item: Simplicity 4/5

    awesome framework

  • Bah Pathé on Nov. 28th 2012 4:08:05 PM
    like this

    Facile a comprendre et une bonne documentation

  • Iliyan Petrov on Oct. 11th 2012 9:32:39 AM
    like this

    Love it baby, its KISS style framework

  • Angelo De Camillis on Oct. 8th 2012 12:39:20 AM
    like this

    Very fast for develop

  • Robson Scheffer on Sep. 7th 2012 7:37:15 PM
    rated this Item: Simplicity 5/5

    The best framework ever!

  • Lazhari on Sep. 2nd 2012 8:06:38 PM
    like this

    Codeigniter est simple rapide et sécurisé

  • Pablo Sánchez on Sep. 2nd 2012 10:09:27 AM
    rated this Item: Simplicity 5/5

    fast &fast

  • baroda on Aug. 28th 2012 10:21:56 PM
    like this

    it is wonderful framework and its flow is easy to understand and very lightweight and clearly documented framework

  • Ankit Vij on Jul. 27th 2012 12:37:30 AM
    like this

    quite easy to setup as compared to zend, zend is very difficult to setup and the methods are very difficult to understand, codeigniter was pretty easy

  • Pablo Sánchez on Jul. 3rd 2012 9:13:55 PM
    like this

    Very very fast

  • elfan on Jun. 20th 2012 5:50:57 AM
    like this

    Easy to learn, has very clean and short syntax, lightweight, not bloated, flexible and easy to extend.

  • pack1988 on Jun. 7th 2012 4:03:14 PM
    like this

    The best Framework

  • Peter John on May 17th 2012 10:02:03 PM
    like this

    worked with this excellent. documentation awesome

  • Alexandre Aussourd on May 2nd 2012 2:10:54 PM
    like this

    Bon framework pour débuter.

  • John Huh on Apr. 27th 2012 8:21:07 AM
    like this

    Light and fast

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