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Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Large Enterprises
ExpertusONE LMS
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Social Learning FeaturesCourse and role-based discussion threads, blogs, wikis, chat, expert connections, user-generated assets such as lessons learned and best practices. Social tools are Integrated into platform and unify formal, informal and social learning. Ability to Integrate third-party social learning tools.
UsabilityPersonalized user interface with learning calendar; announcements, alerts, most popular content and content ratings. Focuses attention on knowledge assets that will be most useful to individual. Dynamic Learning Paths, social learning tools, federated search of all formal, informal and user-generated content – with filtering by attributes such as scenario, task or goal.
ScalabilityScales to 1 million + learners
Cloud hostingYes Private-Cloud, Multi-Instance, Two-way REST API library
Adoption ServicesCloud strategy, adoption planning, best practices consulting, adoption marketing, cloud migration and enterprise integration services.
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