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Policy - Accident Compensation
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Goal or VisionLabour is firmly committed to keeping ACC in public ownership and we will continue to improve it. ACC belongs to New Zealanders and every Kiwi is a shareholder.
Policy Principles
Principle 1ACC – Everybody is Covered
Principle 2Retaining ACC in Public Hands - Keeping it Kiwi
Principle 3Ensuring New Zealanders pay fair and reasonable levies
Principle 4Extending and Improving ACC
Principle 5Injury Prevention
Policy Details
Detail 1Labour will continue to maintain ACC as a publicly administered and delivered social insurance scheme which focuses on injury prevention, along with fair and effective treatment and rehabilitation.
Detail 2Labour will introduce an immediate law change to extend the 2014 fully funded target to 2019 for the Residual Claims accounts to reduce pressure on New Zealanders’ levy payments.
Detail 3Labour will review ACC’s coverage of work-related pain disorders.
Detail 4Labour will ensure ACC reduces the time taken to make a decision about Earnings Related Compensation in marginal cases.
Detail 5Labour will improve the Accredited Employers' Scheme to ensure it is fairer for injured workers in light of Council of Trade Unions and Business NZ recommendations.
Detail 6Labour will complete the implementation of the non-fiscal recommendations of the Goddard Report on Physiotherapists and move towards an agreed sustainable funding model for the future.
Detail 7Labour will build on the success of the New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy to ensure ACC has a leadership and coordinating role in its implementation and will work to improve further New Zealand’s injury prevention record.
Detail 8Labour will strengthen workplace injury prevention initiatives through industry taskforces to increase the skill levels and number of trained Health and Safety Representatives (currently 20,000).
Detail 9
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