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2011-10-07 23:39:03
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Merchant CountMore than 17000 merchants
Already Affiliated Link WarningNo SkimLinks does not show any warning about the existing affiliatedlinks.
Link OverrideYes Amazon links only
Contextual AdvertisementYes SkimWords, generate automatic links from product references...
Products Search WidgetYes Amazon & EBay
Products Feed APIYes EveryFeed
Links APIYes
Links in RSS feedYes SkimRSS
URL shortenersYes
Custom sub domainYes
Disclosure BadgeYes
SetupIt requires up to 3 business days for approval

Copy/Paste JavaScript

Also support Flash integration

Active Merchant On Start%100 SkimLinks says, all merchants are active at first day.
Integration with third parties services
Plug-ins & Integrations
  • vBulletin Plugin
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Blogger Integration
  • Typepad Integration
  • Tumblr Integration
  • Ning Integration
Revenue shareThey take a %25 commission cut and leave you %75
Minimum payout10 EUR or £7
Payment methods
  • Monthly via PayPal.
  • UK/US Bank Transfer
  • US Check
  • Only PayPal for international publishers.
Transaction FeeSkimLinks pays the bank transfer fees and the PayPal fees
Commission Calculationabout 2-3 Days
Referral ProgramSkimLinks gives 10% of their earning commission for text referrals and give 12% for banner/badge links during one year.

For U.K. Citizens they collect VAT.

For other countries. You can pay your income tax to your country with your country laws...

Statistics ViewGraphic Style
Statistics FilteringSupports filtering by domain and merchant
Statistics RangeAllow custom statistics ranges
Statistics ExportXML, CSV, PDF export for custom ranges
Clicks StatisticsAfter a day
Affiliated Pages StatisticsNo
Affiliates Links StatisticsNo
Company CountryUK
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