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Briefcase Competitors
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Student Features
Native App1.0 1 rating
Responsive Design0 no rating
Student Design Focus1.0 1 rating
Advanced LinkedIn Integration2.0 1 rating
Aggregated Jobs3.0 1 rating
Validated Jobs Listed and Unlisted0 no rating
Career Services Features
Automated Big Data Resources0 no rating
Manage Limited Human Capital1.0 1 rating
Automate Placement Data0 no rating
Automate First-Destination Reporting0 no rating
Career Fair Management5.0 1 rating
Event Management5.0 1 rating
White-Labeled Product3.0 1 rating
Native Messaging to Students0 no rating
Company Information
Ease of Use2.0 1 rating
Cost1.0 1 rating
Market Share Currently4.0 1 rating
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