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Botsify firstly appeared in the year 2016, a pioneer chatbot platform with zero coding skills where a non-techie person can easily create a chatbot. The aim of Botsify is to provide a fully-managed chatbot that helps companies to optimize customer support, acquire qualified leads, promote products and elevate sales & revenue. Botsify makes it possible that humans and chatbots can work in the same place that’s why a live chat solution also witnessed that Botsify is worth trying. With Over five years of services, Botsify is continuously working on the user experience and adding boatload chatbot features like conversation forms, tree store, easy to export data, Dedicated account manager, etc in their services to grow their clients’ business.

Comparación de Software de Chat en Vivo
Free trial period 14 days free trial
Pricing plans
  • Personal: $49 /mo. (For your personal use or startup website & Facebook page),
  • Professional: $149 /mo. (For professionals, multiple websites & Facebook pages),
  • Business: $499 /mo (For businesses and agencies to get going & reselling),
  • Custom: $116 /month (8 operators, white label, SSL security...)
  • Custom: Let’s Talk (For enterprises with high usage & on-premises solutions.)
Launch date2016-04-23
Web-based Application
IM (Google Talk, Jabber...) integration
Desktop Applications
Native mobile application
Works for customers on mobile devices? Mobile friendly UI
Chat statistics Weekly reporting of chatbot stats, user catbot analytics on the main dashboard and easy to export data with Google sheet and other integration.
Multi-site Allows you to embed chatbot on different channels with unified data-set.
Multiple operators
Conversation transcripts
Offline messages
Visual customization Customized chatbot, livechat and white label solution.
Visitor details
Predefined responses
International support English speaking chat support
Clickpath Tracker
Transfer to another operator You can assign Multiple teammates by giving access.
Custom extensions Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Slack,SMS, Website, Live chat, white label solution
Proactive chat triggers
Visitor Monitoring
Video chat Video chat available
Remote screenshot
Social Networks
Livechat & Chatbot
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