Site web
Physics engineOui
Sound and musicOui
Persistent worldsOui Possible
Data loggingOui Possible
Object manipulation at runtimeOui
Animated gesturesOui Possible
Edition collaborativeOui Possible
Chat and IMOui ENET IPv4
Server-client networkingOui ENET IPv4
Opt-out content rightsOui Possible
Friends listsOui Possible
Texture upload at runtime- Possible
3D model upload at runtime- GDScript or ASSIMP
HTML4 on an objectNon C++ module
Voice Chat / VoIPNon C++ module
Appearance customization- Upload mesh
Heightmap terrainOui
Runs on low spec devicesOui
Used by a large community- Small
Imports OAR filesNon
Commercial useOui
Low Monthly costsOui Self-host
Complex 3D shape editingNon GDScript or C++
Imports IAR filesNon
Open sourceOui
Tutorials and documentation3.0 1 note
Vehicles and alternate control3.0 1 note
User Interface scripting5.0 1 note
BackupsOui Possible
Scriptable charactersOui
Combat and interactionOui Possible
Scalability- Possible
Scripting at runtime- C++ module
Existing VR support- GDScript or C++
Animated 3D modelsOui
Command-line and APIsOui Possible
Shared content libraryOui Possible
Large region sizesOui Possible
Used by large companies- Indie Devs
Content marketplaceNon
HTTPS and CookiesOui
Stereoscopic 3DOui Possible
HTML5 on an objectNon C++ module
Skeletal trackingNon C++ module
Hand trackingNon C++ module
Mobile supportOui Native
Pathfinding and AIOui Possible
Realité augmenté (AR)- C++ module
Peer-to-peer networkingNon C++ module
HTML5 ClientNon Broken
Garbage collectionOui Possible
Opt-in content rightsOui Possible
Future migration optionsOui
Game console supportNon Not public
Minimal network dataOui Possible
Animate at runtime- Possible
Soft body physicsNon
Physcally based renderingNon Future version
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