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Automated Accounts Payable
4.0/5 1 note
Include in Final ShortlistOui
Shortlist ComparisonSmartsoft never fails to amaze me in its capabilities for accurate data recognition and ease of manipulation. It is only let down by its lack of integration with accounting systems and document management. If you could integrate those different apps together to make one, it would probably be the best solution. This is pretty much what C2S (ClickToScan) have done but then they pretty much slammed the door in my face when it came to trying to evaluate more complex documents.
Multi-companyOui Groups
Login multi-utilisateurs
Accurate document recognitionOui
Can it handle line items?Oui
Is the document flow process automatedNon
Does it store the document against the transaction in the accounting system?- Can potentially interface via DLL
Offers supplier portal
Does it interface with Sage 50?- Via csv export
Xero- Possibly via csv export
Quickbooks online- via csv
Sage One- via csv
MS DynamicsOui
Is document recognition user-controllable?Oui
Can it interpret Excel documents?Non
Does it offer accounting system dropdown prompts for things such as supplier code, nominal code, product code, etc?Oui via Lists, SQL or API
Does it include a document workflow system with stages such as invoice approval?- Can be interfaced with a Document management System
Can it automatically validate the invoice against a Purchase Order?Non I assume not but maybe it can
Does it check for duplicate invoice numbers?
Can it post an invoice as approved?Oui
Does it have any kind of dashboard to show status of document flow?Non
Can it process sales invoices as well as purchase invoices?Oui
Does it have mobile app?Non
Can it support large document import?Oui Up to 300 pages per session
Is it Cloud-based or Client/ServerClient/Server
Trial Version availableOui
No User Training RequiredOui
Installation and setupSeems to be fairly easy as you can download a trial and run it without any help
General commentsSeems to be a great system but has the apparent limitations of not directly interfacing with the accounting software and not offering order validation or invoice approval processes. Nor does it offer integrated document management, so there is no ability to directly access the original document from the resultant transaction in the accounting system. One big advantage of SmartSoft though is its ability to analyse and extract much more than just invoice data as well as their willingness to work with the client to find the best long-term solution to meet each client's particular needs. A prime example of this might be the desire to electronically analyse an incoming delivery note from a supplier and to use that data to automatically update inventory or later match against a purchase invoice.
19 mai 2017 13:22:43
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