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So Long, Meebo: Virtual Reference & Chat Options for Libraries


Compare LibChat vs LibraryH3lp vs Trillian vs Zoho vs Chatango

Last updateAug. 2nd 2012 6:27:38 PMAug. 2nd 2012 6:27:38 PMJun. 18th 2013 8:29:34 PMMar. 31st 2023 5:41:33 AMDec. 19th 2012 4:00:08 PM
Price$499 annuallyfrom $180 annually, depends on institution size; SMS begins at $50 per 1000 msgs
Note: My Customer Cloud version of this product identical in every respect except pricing; .20 per chat*; 0.03 per SMS

Free; $12 annually for Pro versionFreeFree
Free trial periodYesYes 90 daysNo N/ANo N/ANo N/A
Cross-platformAll major browsersAll major browsersAll major browsers; client works on Windows and MacAll major browsersAll major browsers
Networks supportedNone: not based on Jabber protocolAIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Facebook, XMPP/JabberAIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, Windows Live, IRC, BonjourGoogle, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, MySpace, JabberNone
Concurrent operators2UnlimitedMultiple connections to same account permitted11 per room; can create unlimited rooms
Flash-basedNoNo- web version only- Sound options are flash-basedYes
Chat transcriptsYesYes can be toggled on/offYesYes can be purgedYes
LibAnswers/Guides integrationYesYes Works with Libguides; some LibAnswers integration possible. Can add widget to LibGuidesNo
SMSYesYes- Workaround using AIM hack- Workaround using Google Voice & GVMax or AIM hackNo
Twitter integrationYes- In developmentYesNoNo
EmbeddableYes WidgetYes Widget (includes "float over" and "pop out" options)NoYes Widget - similar to meeboYes
Mobile-friendly widgetYesYesYes Mobile appYes- Flash rules out iOS
Customizable appearanceYesYes- skins available for Windows clientYesYes
Multiple queuesYesYesNoNoNo
Transfer chatsYesYesNoNoNo
Stats/report generationYes Extensive analytical tools. Extensive reporting tools available; stats also available via API.NoNoNo
Custom APIsNoYes APIs and "hackable code"No Pro version can be extended by pluginsNoNo
Local client availableNoYes through Pidgin, Adium, Psi, any XMPP/Jabber client, including mobile clients.YesYes through Pidgin or Trillian or GajimNo
File attachmentNoYes 20 meg maxYes- can only send to registered Zoho usersNo
AdsNoNoYes in free version; No ads in ProNoYes in user profiles
Audio/videoNoNo- Audio onlyYes- uses Adobe Flash
Customizable notificationsYesYes Standard away message or hide widget when offlineYes- Simple status updates only; no pop-up notifications- Yes, with free MessageCatcher download (Windows only)
Privacy featuresPatron data securely stored in Springshare database; purge on request; SMS numbers never displayed; "We will never sell, distribute, or misuse patron information in any way"Library can purge its own data independently; anonymize identifying information; SSL encryption; no ads; no data mining128-bit Blowfish encryption built-inSSL; chat history can be purged"We do not read private one-on-one conversations that occur in Chatango...We do store your IPs, and use cookies to identify users, just like every other site in the world. When you send a message in a group chat, your IP address is visible to the chat owner and to the chat moderators, that the chat owner creates. We don't store your passwords, just their HMAC's. We do not store any credit card numbers when you support Chatango. We do not sell your email addresses to spammers or marketing agencies. And there is no spyware and no adware in MessageCatcher."
Customer supportYesYes- Support via email for Pro customersYesNo
Compare LibChat vs LibraryH3lp vs Trillian vs Zoho vs Chatango
Mar. 31st 2023 5:41:33 AM
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  • wxndyvo on Mar. 31st 2023 5:47:35 AM
    suggested on Zoho to set Link to Mobile Phones