2nd - 3rd year

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Babies Food Diversification Table
2nd - 3rd year
Dairy products
MilkBreast milk or "second age or growth" milk
Yoghurt and cheeseYes Cheese
VegetablesYes choix vaste + légumes en salade
Carrots and spinachYes
PotatoesYes riz, pâtes, semoule, polenta ou pommes de terre en morceaux
PulsesYes mashed (around 15-18 months): lentils, split peas, white beans
Crudités (uncooked vegetables)Yes
MeatYes 30g/jour
Grain products
BreadYes tartine en dés (croûtes à 18mois) avec fromage
CerealsYes céréales + lait ou bouillie lactée (= lait + farine infantile)
Infant floursNo possible to start; with gluten
FruitsYes pieces, chewable
Dried FruitsYes dates, figs, prunes
FishYes Shellfish (mussels, shrimps, periwinkles...)
EggYes 1/2 hard-boiled egg
Added fatYes
SaltYes a bit during cooking, but do not add salt at table
SugaryNo possible to start but without any urgency (to limit)
BeveragesYes pure water
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