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Automated Accounts Payable
4.0/5 1 rating
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Shortlist ComparisonHas quite a nice, clean user interface and seems quite intuitive to use. Probably the biggest drawback is the lack of ability to train the system yourself. Although it provides line items, those lines do not include fields such as quantity, description and price per item. Nor does it seem able to handle invoice like those from Sky.
Multi-user LoginYes
Accurate document recognitionYes
Can it handle line items?Yes
Is the document flow process automatedYes
Does it store the document against the transaction in the accounting system?Yes
Offers supplier portal
Does it interface with Sage 50?- Can produce a multi-line csv filefor import to Sage
Quickbooks online
Sage OneYes
MS Dynamics
Is document recognition user-controllable?No
Can it interpret Excel documents?Yes
Does it offer accounting system dropdown prompts for things such as supplier code, nominal code, product code, etc?No
Does it include a document workflow system with stages such as invoice approval?Yes
Can it automatically validate the invoice against a Purchase Order?No
Does it check for duplicate invoice numbers?Yes
Can it post an invoice as approved?No
Does it have any kind of dashboard to show status of document flow?No
Can it process sales invoices as well as purchase invoices?Yes
Does it have mobile app?Yes
Can it support large document import?Yes
Is it Cloud-based or Client/ServerCloud-based
Trial Version availableYes
No User Training RequiredYes
Installation and setupSeems to be fairly easy as you can download a trial and run it without any help
General commentsGood system and great value but can be frustrating having to rely on them to remotely set up the document recognition, especially as it's only 5 days a week Monday to Friday. I would personally probably write off this system for now due to the lack of user control over the document recognition but if ever they changed that then I think it would be close to an ideal system at an affordable price. Q. I have been evaluating many different systems and I consider Datamolino to be one of the best, at least for my needs. One slight frustration though is in the fact that I have no control over the document recognition process. So if your (manual?) process has not worked correctly I presume I have to report the issue to you and then wait for you to fix. Have you thought about combining your system with a user-manageable document recognition system so that the user would have full control? A. Thank you for your observations. We have received such queries a couple of times before but the fingerprinting process is one of the vital for us and can not be done by the user. What can be done, however, by the user is that the user can tell to the operator what should be fingerprinted and captured instead and the operator is happy to implement it if possible. Here is more on this topic. Maybe in the future we will provide some flexibility to this but I can't promise that. However, once the document is fingerprinted correctly it goes really fast and accurate. Your trial has lapsed and we will help you as much as we can if you decide to go with us. Cheers
May 19th 2017 12:49:05 PM
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User reviews and comments

  • Richard on May 13th 2017 8:37:34 AM
    rated this Item: Rating 4/5

    Main shortcoming is that users cannot control the document reading