High Fidelity

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2016-06-20 21:20:42
High Fidelity
FreeYes $20/yr custom URL
Physics engineYes
Sound and musicYes
Persistent worldsYes
Data loggingYes
Object manipulation at runtimeYes
Animated gesturesYes
Collaborative EditingYes
Chat and IMYes
Server-client networkingYes
Opt-out content rightsYes
Friends listsYes
Texture upload at runtimeYes
3D model upload at runtimeYes
HTML4 on an objectYes
Voice Chat / VoIPYes
Appearance customization- Mixamo
Heightmap terrainNo
Runs on low spec devicesNo Black screen
Used by a large communityNo Very Small
Imports OAR filesNo
Commercial useYes
Low Monthly costs- Domain URLs
Complex 3D shape editing- From code
Imports IAR filesNo
Open sourceYes
Tutorials and documentation2.0 1 rating
Vehicles and alternate control3.0 1 rating
User Interface scripting3.0 1 rating
BackupsYes Built-in
Scriptable charactersYes
Combat and interactionYes Possible
Scripting at runtimeYes
Existing VR supportYes
Animated 3D models- Avatar only?
Command-line and APIs- JavaScript only
Shared content libraryNo
Large region sizesNo Not mentioned
Used by large companiesNo Alpha
Content marketplaceNo
HTTPS and CookiesYes
Stereoscopic 3DYes
HTML5 on an objectYes
Skeletal trackingYes
Hand trackingYes
Mobile supportNo
Pathfinding and AI- JavaScript
Augmented Reality (AR)- Potentially
Peer-to-peer networking- Partial
Cameras- Partial
HTML5 ClientNo Unknown
Garbage collectionNo Not mentioned
Opt-in content rightsNo
Future migration optionsNo
Game console supportNo
Minimal network dataNo Constant
Animate at runtimeNo Upload FBX
Soft body physicsNo
Physcally based renderingYes
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