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Mitra Ardon

Uplift Pattern: Next Edge Tribesourcing
Mitra Ardon
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When to useUseful when online groups want to collaborate to select & fund projects. Projects either of the group, or projects known to the group.
When not to useWhen classic crowdfunding; VC; Micro-finance etc would work better
1. ATTRACTOR - what makes this interestingPotential for smarter crowdfunding for higher risk ventures
2. CHALLENGE(S) - tensions addressed
3. OPPORTUNITY - vision of achievable change
4. STRATEGY - proposed steps to make the changeTribe members propose projects to the group

After discussion a shortlist is picked

One other member does an evaluation on each project - e.g. emails with the proponents etc. In particular addresses questions that come up in the discussion.

Those evaluators report back

Either a selection (e.g. voting) for preferred recipient or two, OR

crowd source for multiple projects (the latter will work better if there are divergent interests)
5. TEST - what stakeholders think of steps
6. DECISION – next action
Gaps to be filled for this pattern
Related uplift patternsNetwork Foundation (UK) - in '80s .
Potential allies & opponents
Past use
Current use
Future use (links to prediction wagers)
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Aug. 25th 2011 10:32:55 PM
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