Mushin Schilling

2011-08-25 22:26:35
Uplift Pattern: Next Edge Tribesourcing
Mushin Schilling
Proposed name of initiative
Summary Descriptionadd to Mark's description: ... and support the innovative activity of individual tribe members
QuoteReady to take wing in a new dimension
Related Examples
When to useUseful when online groups ('tribes') want to fund people or activities.
When not to use
1. ATTRACTOR - what makes this interestingBuilding trust, giving value, sharing wealth
2. CHALLENGE(S) - tensions addressed
3. OPPORTUNITY - vision of achievable change
4. STRATEGY - proposed steps to make the changePossible path:
  • Create a NextEdge Gift App that will allow regular pop-up (alarm-clock like) and entering of sum & purpose of a maximum of 7
5. TEST - what stakeholders think of steps
6. DECISION – next action
Gaps to be filled for this pattern
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